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ANN: PicoForms Release first public beta of IE XForms plug-in

From: Mark Seaborne <mark@picoforms.com>
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 22:13:39 +0100
To: www-forms@w3.org, public-forms@w3.org
Message-ID: <20071129221339092186.4cc17d7b@picoforms.com>

PicoForms Internet Edition Beta Announcement:

PicoForms is  to announce the release of the public beta version 
of PicoForms Internet Edition - a platform for sophisticated, 
client-side, XML-driven applications on the Web.

Internet Edition complements PicoForms' existing products for desktop, 
embedded devices, mobile devices and voice applications, to bring the 
power of PicoForms technology to Microsoft Internet Explorer (versions 
6 and 7). With this release PicoForms is able to offer a complete range 
of client solutions to its customers. 

PicoForms' CEO Kenneth Sklander commented "I really am excited to be 
bringing Internet Edition to the market. Now we at PicoForms can help 
customers to run their applications, using the same code, pretty much 
anywhere they need to: on a mobile phone, in a Web browser, or even 
have their users speak to their application down the phone line. We've 
got something pretty unique here."

PicoForms' platform is based on the W3C XForms recommendation. XForms 
applications allow users to interact directly with your XML data 
sources. XForms builds on a foundation of existing, widely-used XML and 
Web technologies to bring you a productive, and performant industrial 
strength, client-side application platform. 

For more information about the PicoForms Internet Edition Beta 
programme please go here: http://www.picoforms.com  

About PicoForms:
Founded in 200?, PicoForms is committed to bringing standards-based 
solutions to its customers. As an active member of the W3C and OASIS, 
PicoForms uses its expertise to work with other vendors and user 
communities to develop XML-based technical and business solutions. To 
find out how you can bring PicoForms' experience with XML technologies 
to your project contact us now.

Web http://www.picoforms.com
Denmark: +45 36 95 37 07 (mobile: +45 2174 6908)
United Kingdom: +44 0131 208 0031 (mobile: +44 7872 180215)
USA: +1 585 542 4085

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