Few questions/notes about implementation XML Schema grammar builder:

1. Does schema-informed grammar allow comments and processing instructions for strict option on?
2. How xsi:schemaLocation and xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation handled with strict option on?
3. Does preserve.lexicalValues require perserve.prefixes be on if QName value used?
4. How to build grammar for complex type particle with {mixed} attribute?
5. Eluminating duplicate symbols ( does not explain what index number will be chosen for (i, k + l), and it affects choosing of "content" index in adding production (
6. Definition for "sorted in schema order" is wanted. (see Event Code Assignment)
7. Adding Productions when Strict is False ( may not have non-terminal Element(i,content) that includes no productions with non-terminal AT(name) on the right side. Also "first" mean order of grammar items order is defined or have proof it will stay the same for different implementations (see also p.5).
8. All Model Groups ( particle grammar creation is not practical: for n items it produces n! grammars. Will the normalization algorithms be efficent to process that amount of items?
9. XML Schemas (XSD) can be different from different vendors, but describe same XML structure. Will it be a problem?

Thank you.