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Re: sharing of string table

From: UCHIDA Hitoshi <uchida.hitoshi@canon.co.jp>
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2009 15:09:16 +0900
To: Jaakko Kangasharju <jkangash@cc.hut.fi>
Cc: public-exi-comments@w3.org, youenn.fablet@crf.canon.fr, fujisawa.jun@canon.co.jp
Message-Id: <20090224144907.1428.UCHIDA.HITOSHI@canon.co.jp>
Dear Jaakko,

> > In 7.3 String Table,
> > what do you think about a function to share the string table
> > between two documents ?
> >
> > After an EXI processor finished encoding a first document,
> > it uses the string table of the first document to encode
> > a second document.
> > This function can make the size of the second document smaller.
> EXI already provides one feature that can be used to achieve the
> functionality you request. Namely, it is possible to encode a series
> of XML documents as an EXI fragment, which will retain both the string
> table and any learned grammar content between individual documents of
> the series.

I understood the feature. Thank you very much.

When you define the grammar format in future,
I hope a feature to enable applications to create a document specific
grammar because a general grammar content created from a schema would be
Such a feature will be helpful for embedded devices.

Hitoshi Uchida
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