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Re: rephrase "GIF or PNG" slug as an action sentence

From: Stephanie Troeth <steph@unadorned.org>
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2007 08:48:13 -0400
Message-ID: <4694D18D.3010508@unadorned.org>
To: public-evangelist@w3.org

Karl Dubost wrote:

>> so perhaps:
>>  Tip of the Day: Choose graphics formats (GIF or PNG) carefully
>> or better:
>>  Tip of the Day: Consider PNG instead of GIF for images
> Yep. PNG had a big problem in IE 5 to 6. Alpha channel was not supported.
> See IE blog about that
> http://blogs.msdn.com/ie/archive/2005/04/26/412263.aspx
> But as of today, it seems to be a reasonable choice for more people 
> since the release of IE7.

Being at the coalface and developing sites for the industry at the 
moment, I can vouch that we're seeing PNG as more and more of an option 
precisely because of good support in IE7. It's liberated us somewhat in 
terms of the continual strive achieving beautiful designs and 
standards-compliant code.

There are certain cases where you wouldn't use a PNG over GIF as any 
hacks to get PNG to render correctly in IE6 has a lot of limitations in 
terms of placement and positioning. (Like it or not, we still have to 
support this browser ...)

Hope that helps,
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