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Re: Got keep learning or being professional with Web standards

From: Karl Dubost <karl@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2005 16:15:26 -0500
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Le 05-11-22 à 16:04, Patrick H. Lauke a écrit :
> Rob Lowe wrote:
>> I disagree on one point, I don't think the people having problems  
>> changing are the young ones, those of us in the web industry that  
>> are young, have seen, either first hand, or through a history of  
>> sorts how things have changed and accept that we must stay on top  
>> of our knowledge. Generally, I find it is the older, more  
>> established designers that /did /learn html 3 or before that have  
>> a hard time, learning new methods.

Ok it's what I was calling the young people ;) as 10 years is not old  
and because I don't think there's old professionals yet (The Web is  
not old enough for that). So we agree. :)

> Another aspect (which I seem to remember Molly touching on a good  
> few months ago) is the fact that there's still a lot of very out of  
> date material out there ("making a web page in 5 minutes for  
> dummies") that even "young ones" stumble across...l33t tr1x and h4x  
> to get cool effects in markup, which they are then reluctant to  
> drop in favour of modern best practices.

Yes but unfortunately, each time, someone wants to start a new best  
practices things, they want to create their own domain name, own  
layout design, own organization, etc. It's not necessary bad, but it  
creates legacy materials at a point.

The QA IG /should/ restart very soon. One of the aspect of the new IG  
is to be an open participation for creating such materials, with  
possibilities of participants to create W3C IG Notes. So that would  
be a good opportunity to create evolving materials that will be less  
inclined to be outdated.

Who will participate to the QA IG?  *YOU* (people of evangelist, www- 
qa and others).

If you are willing to participate and share :)

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