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Web-kit intro

From: steph <sniffles@unadorned.org>
Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 22:48:36 +1000
To: public-evangelist@w3.org
Message-ID: <20030521124836.GA17425@bund.com.au>

Bonjour Karl,

I suggest rearranging the sentences for the introduction (more or less):

"Whether you are a manager, a Web developer, a Marketing or
Communications team member, or perhaps an individual Web master, you
have read about the interest in Web standards from many sources.
You have understood that standards are beneficial for your Web site
in terms of cost savings, ease of management and profitability,
and so you have decided to switch - and employ standards within your 
Web site.

Unfortunately, you haven't found a guide which explains the proceesses
of where to begin and how to organise this transition of your Web site
to being standards-compliant. You might think that having a large Web 
site makes this objective unattainable. If you are unsure about what 
Web standards are, we encourage you to read about what Web standards really 
mean [WEB-QUALITY], how to purchase and develop a quality Web site 
[REQ-WEBAGENCY], and why an accessible Web site [WAI-PROFIT] is profitable. 

The method that we propose in this document is valid for Web sites of 
any size; it will suit your needs whether you are managing an individual, 
small business or a large corporate Web site.

We will guide you through the individual steps - all of which you
will be able to fulfill individually - from the analysis of your
existing Web site to the organization of your new Web site. Each of
these steps have been designed to be separate, and can be undertaken at
various times, different levels, by different persons regardless of
their skill level, but in accordance to a workflow."

I just feel that rearranging these sentences give the first paragraph
more "punch", and is thus perhaps more effective because it addresses the
audience more. :)



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