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Re: web standards and accessibility blogs, etc.

From: ed nixon <ed.nixon@LynnParkPlace.org>
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2003 15:22:04 -0400
Message-ID: <3EA98ADC.60503@LynnParkPlace.org>
To: Don XML <don_xml@hotmail.com>
CC: public-evangelist@w3.org

Ok. Thanks for the mail, the comments and the trackbacks. I've 
incorporated comments and suggestions and updated the post. I think I've 
done justice to everyone's input; if not, let me know.


Don XML wrote:

> <snip/>
> I was envisioning something similar for W3C standards stuff. The 
> problem with this approach is that not everyone has RSS feeds, and 
> then people tend to mix topics in their blogs. What some of the .Net 
> guys are working on getting people to use the category support in RSS 
> 2.0. This way aggregator sites can pull in only the blog entries that 
> are relevant to them. Mix all those blog entries with the W3C RSS 
> feed, and you’ve got a great standards evangelist site. 

Yes, it occurred to me that I was working "fast", but not particularly 
"smart". I didn't mean to get in your way, Don. Apologies.

I wonder if this great aggregator idea doesn't need a bit more lead-time 
and planning? For example, what I've posted is really not as "pure" on 
the subject of standards as it could be; there is a mix of the personal, 
the mundane, sometimes the bizarre and also the standards related. If 
there were an aggregator, you'd like to have only the standards and/or 
accessibility topics getting pinged through. That kind of leaves it up 
to the individual blogger to organize the site in a compatible fashion. 
Not impossible, but in need of some discussion. Have no idea how close 
to this we might be right now.

W3C *is* the logical place to put the aggregator and if someone can push 
some buttons to get that working, that makes a lot of sense. 
Alternatively, there might be other venues. For example, the Internet 
Topic Exchange (http://topicexchange.com/) is already up and running and 
seems to be a self-administered utility. This might be worth a look. It 
might happen more quickly and it might get more spread given it's a link 
exchange venue that attracts diffuse interests.

What do you think Don?

Cheers. ...edN
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