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Re: PCMag ranks the browsers and says IE6 is the best...

From: damien <damien@coda.co.za>
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 16:58:51 +0200
To: public-evangelist@w3.org
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Can I return to the original subject for a second...

After having read the PCMag review, I registered on their site with the 
intention of posting my own review - I just couldn't accept or even 
understand how they could give Mozilla 3/5 stars for customizability 
(compared to IE 6.0's 5/5 stars) - that, among a list of other things.

The only mention Mr Mendelson made of IE6's customizability was the following:
"IE's easily customized layout sports a main toolbar that can include 
buttons to launch add-ons and a Links bar to which you can drag any 
shortcut. Windowed and full-screen viewing toggle with the F11 key or a 
toolbar button, and you can maximize the windowed interface by switching 
off the status bars and all toolbars."

Uh. Big deal?
Weren't these standard window features considered novel in Windows 95? That 
he mentions these as customizability features for IE6 is a joke, when you 
consider all the enhancements Mozilla & Netscape 7 come with - fully 
skinnable GUI, tabbed browsing, side panel, etc. And if www.mozdev.org 
doesn't have the largest resource of add-ons for a single browser, then I 
don't know.

Anyway ... just wanted to find out if anyone had luck posting a review. I 
keep getting a 404, or the preview page seems to enter an endless loop. :|

damien du toit

url: http://www.coda.co.za
cell: +27 (0)82 7807118
icq: 2099552
gps: cape town, south africa
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