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CSS Books

From: John Colby <john.colby@btinternet.com>
Date: Thu, 03 Oct 2002 01:29:50 +0100
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To: MACCAWS@yahoogroups.com, public-evangelist@w3.org
I went shopping yesterday (in Leicester -  fairly major city in the U.K.) 
to buy Eric Meyer's CSS2 Programmers Reference book (its about time I did 
as I need a single reference rather than a sheaf of notes that spills onto 
the floor with great regularity). Not only did I not find it, but found a 
dearth of books on CSS. This was visiting three major booksellers, 
Watersones being one of them.  The only CSS books were XHTML and CSS (on 
the MACCAWS booklist) and the Visual Quickstart guide DHTML and CSS.

This is just a thought that we're trying to promote standards and none of 
the mainstream publishers seem to be, explicitly - and people will be going 
in to read about language development and NOT get the standards line as 
such - which is why we're in existence, I suppose.

Is there any such book that provides for a standards based approach to 
(X)HTML/CSS or is there this vast untapped market? Thinking about it I can 
see the problem with CSS - unless you're into some sort of standards 
compliance you'll not have heard of it (OK, sweeping statement, I know) And 
I also know that this is just one sample, but a check on the bookstore's 
computer system showed very few of their branches stocking anything to do 
with CSS explicitly. Is there potential for marketing here? Or should we 
each be offering evening classes in Standards based markup?

These may only be random late night thoughts but I must admit being 
surprised by the absence of one of the core techniques of our business.


P.S. Eric Meyer's book will, today, be on order from our local one-man 
bookseller who can usually get anything in print within a day or so.

John and Sandy Colby
Geevor Mine http://www.geevor.com

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