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SWAD-E update - Chaals

From: Charles McCathieNevile <charles@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 14 May 2003 08:25:34 -0400 (EDT)
To: <public-esw@w3.org>
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WP3 - Workshop report 3

I am taking responsibility for finishing this report, but it will be delayed
at least until the end of next week (Resource crunch :(

It will discuss the Geo-meetings held as a virtual, ongoing workshop:

>These had the following agenda items:
>opening hours of a thing that has a place
>describing a journey
>update on DAML spatial work
>DanC update on travel tool writeup
>Relationship to GML (chat w/ Simon Cox)
>heads up from zool re noderunner and nocat developments
>Bus and train route visualization
>There's a lot of interest in this area, and a new mailing list:

One result of this work is a new project at W3C to develop a graphical
interface (SVG) for creating and working with Geographic information in RDF.
This also has implications for WP9 Accessibility (beig able to work with the
information), and potentially with Thesaurus work (different descriptions of
places) and other areas such as Web Services integration.

WP3 - Workshop report 4

There is little likelihood of a successful workshop in Denmark as we had
hoped for. A possibility being investigated now is a workshop either on
accessibility applications or on support for a multilingual Web (which
includes issues such as treating sign languages used by Deaf people and
symbolic languages used by people with intellectual disailities as an
internationalisation problem, expanding the scope from plain text somewhat,
and building on work already done in areas like image annotation and Dublin
Core classification)


Work on a note about ways to use the semantic Web to improve accessibility.
Need for coordination has delayed this work package more than we hoped, but
there is a rough initial draft in the reports area.

Now working concurrently on finishing that, and moving forward with the
second deliverable (getting WAI groups to comment on which bits are useful
and which bits need development).

To that end the AnnoteMez package and integration with Wainu are now availble
in French, and will be translated shortly. Wainu is a standard accessibility
evaluation-type tool, with an interface to ask the user for human judgement
questions (does this text alternative really match this image? etc),
available under LGPL.

AnnoteaMez provides Java libraries to do things like provide EARL information
to, and store it for, tools such as Wainu, using annotea for storage, Jena
for dealing with querying (only some annotea servers include a query
language) generate and interpret Xpointers, etc.

AnnoteaMez (and its integration with Wainu) was developed as a project at
ESSI (an engineering college in Sophia), which I co-supervised, and is
available under W3C License (URIs to follow).


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