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RE: [WP8] RDF thesaurus schema early start -- can you supply sche ma?

From: Wilson, MD (Michael) <M.D.Wilson@rl.ac.uk>
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2003 16:41:49 -0000
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The ELSST thesaurus is represented using this schema, but it is not entirely
publically available - only a small fragment at:


We are in the process of encoding other thesauri and word lists into this
format, although only for demonstration purposes, and without any permission
of the owners (these include the UK government category list [GCL], the UK
Department of Trade thesaurus [MATRIX], the medical category list MeSH, and
the EU CEC Multilingual Health thesaurus).
These are all publically available and will be made available in RDF on our
Thesaurus server for test and demonstration purposes (the server is not
public yet).

If you have access to any thesaurus that you'd like us to put into this
format for test and demonstration purposes, please send it to me, or send a
URL where I can get it.

As the title of this thread suggests, this activity has just started in the
SWAD project and we are open to guidance, and suggestions - the schema is
open to change if we can't capture what is needed for the example set of
thesauri - it was developed in a previous project.

I'll look at NISO Z39.19; there are also updates in progress to the ISO
thesaurus standards, but RDf may be too radical for them.

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On Thu, 2003-01-23 at 08:35, Wilson, MD (Michael) wrote:
> Dan,
> Schema for thesaurus interchange format is at:
> http://www.limber.rl.ac.uk/External/thesaurus-iso.rdf
> Description of work to reach that schema is at:
> http://www.limber.rl.ac.uk/External/SW_conf_thes_paper.htm


I seem to recall hearing that ELSTT (or EELS?) thesaurus was represented
using this schema. Can you confirm? and if so, is this online?  Are
there any other thesauri that are using this schema?

I've heard rumors of generalizing some of the NISO Z39.19 [1] work to
support multilingual thesaurus and I believe that an RDF schema that
supports this requirement would be well received as the basis for such
work. Having several thesauri represented this way would make for a more
compelling argument.

[1] http://www.niso.org/standards/resources/Z39-19.html

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