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RE: SWAD-Europe tshirt again

From: Libby Miller <Libby.Miller@bristol.ac.uk>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 10:30:44 +0000 (GMT)
To: "Dickinson, Ian J" <Ian.Dickinson@hp.com>
Cc: 'Charles McCathieNevile' <charles@w3.org>, public-esw@w3.org, liz@ephidrina.org
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The official languages of the EU:

the very first regulation (which has been amended after each successive
enlargement) decided by the Council of Ministers in 1958 listed the
official languages of the Union:

Article 1

"The official languages and the working languages of the institutions of
the Union shall be Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German,
Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish."


It'd probably be a good idea to get these in at least.
Liz also has additionally



Michael suggested Hebrew


chaals suggested Hungarian.

So that's 18 languages. Liz needs 12-15. Time to start reducing them?


On Wed, 10 Dec 2003, Dickinson, Ian J wrote:

> From: Charles McCathieNevile [mailto:charles@w3.org]
> > I love it!
> >
> > Why chinese, and do we have all the EU languages?
> That could get, um, interesting.  You'd need p- and q-gaelic, Cornish, Manx,
> Basque, Lapp ... Probably ogham script and nordic runes too, not to mention
> the precursor versions of our modern languages.
> "I helped build the semantic web, and all I got was this stupid full length
> cloak" :-)
> Still, at least no-one has suggested Klingon or Elvish yet.  Oops.
> Ian
> PS Joking aside, I think the t-shirt design is good too!
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