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Re: Invitation to make presentation (fwd)

From: Libby Miller <Libby.Miller@bristol.ac.uk>
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 11:50:56 +0100 (BST)
To: public-esw@w3.org
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I'm going to say no. Is that ok? He asked several of us, and I don't
want him to get diferent answers from different project members. Tell me
today if you want to do a presentation at this conference.

Sure noone wants to do it?

...many visitors to the region tend to fall madly in love with



On Mon, 26 Aug 2002, Libby Miller wrote:

> This is the second message we have had. I'm going to have to regretfully
> decline unless someone wants to do it (Charles and I can't make it).
> They also want information about the project itself, which I'll sort
> out.
> Let me know asap if you'd liek to do the presentation.
> Libby
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> Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 16:48:50 +0200
> From: Edmundas Zvirblis <zvirblis@infobalt.lt>
> To: libby.miller <libby.miller@bristol.ac.uk>
> Cc: sb <sb@stilo.com>, danbri <danbri@w3.org>, m.d.wilson <m.d.wilson@rl.ac.uk>,
>      martin_merry <martin_merry@hp.com>
> Subject: Invitation to make presentation
> Dear Libby MILLER,
> It is our great pleasure to extend to you an invitation to make presentation
> or to participate at the TELEBALT  Conference Teleworking for Business,
> Education, Research and e-Commerce (Vilnius, Lithuania, 21-22 October
> 2002): (http://www.infobalt.lt/telebalt )
> On behalf of the organizers we invite you or your project SWAD-EUROPE
> partner to submit presentation topics, abstracts and bios for the TELEBALT
> Conference. The number of possible presentation is limited.
> Organised by INFOBALT - Association of Information Technologies,
> Telecommunications and Office Equipment of Lithuania in the frame of the
> project TELEBALT (Teleworking as a Tool for Information Society Technologies
> Programme Promotion to Baltic States) funded by Information Society
> Programme of the European Union. The conference is organized in co-operation
> with Earth Data Networks for Education and Scientific Exchange (EDNES),
> France, public foundation Open Latvia.
> The Conference Teleworking for Business, Education, Research and
>  e-Commerce aims at strengthening the scientific and technological
> co-operation between the European Union and the Newly Associated States
> (NAS), in particular the Baltic countries in the field of IT application to
> new methods of work, business, education, research, e-commerce, medicine,
> regional development and social integration using IT.
> Currently Baltic States community faces changes and opening possibilities
> for cooperation with EU partners in the field of information society
> development and added value creation through the various information and
> communication technology related programmes. In-time acknowledgement about
> these possibilities would serve as basement for future fruitful
> collaboration.
> Some 50 speakers and 200 participants from all countries of the Baltic
> Region and the European Union and the European Commission have been invited
> and will be invited. Parallel to the TELEBALT conference INFOBALT organize
> 4th International Conference Information Society 2002 and League of
> Investors. These events will take place in the same venue as TELEBALT. Last
> year it attracted some 90 speakers and 600 participants. More information
> about these events at http://www.infobalt.lt/english/ .
> TELEBALT conference participants will have occasion to present their IST
> project in the INFOBALT 2002 trade fair that will be organized 23-26 October
> 2002. It is 9th International ICT sector trade fair and is the major such a
> type event in Baltic States. Last year it attracted 200 exhibitors and 60000
> visitors (+ 100 000 visited virtual trade fair). Association INFOBALT and
> organized events will also provide occasion to disseminate material about
> your project, extend it finding new partners from Candidate Countries or
> initiate new activities under various EU programmes umbrella.
> Edmundas Zvirblis or Saulius Arelis will provide detailed information under
> your request.
> We also contact you due to the project SWAD-EUROPE, for which you have been
> mentioned as the contact person implementing another Association INFOBALT
> activity.
> Association INFOBALT participates in working group P2F (Projects to
>  Funds), which was initiated by the Information Society Development
> Committee under the Government of Lithuania. The working group P2F was
> especially formed, to develop a large range of multiple project proposals
> and to seek subsequently for their co-funding at international donor
> programmes. Currently, P2F comprises sixteen members from different
> Lithuanian ministries, universities and private companies.
> It is one of our immediate tasks, to gather 50-70 project proposals from
> previously successful funded ICT projects. Thus, we aim to achieve both, (a)
> to facilitate the project development work of the working group, as well as
> (b) to identify appropriate cooperation partners and programmes for joint
> projects. The gathered information will be made available to the members of
> the working group P2F only.
> For this reason we kindly ask you to provide us with more background
> information to the project mentioned above. Of a particular interest for us
> would be the project application form as it was submitted to the co-funding
> donor programme (We currently still lack experience with non-national donor
> programmes; thus an application example would be of a great value for us).
> Many thanks in advance for your assistance. If you have any further
> questions, please do not hesitate to contact Saulius Arelis at any time. You
> may also get a deeper insight in the functions and responsibilities of the
> two major stakeholder organisations of the working group P2F at the links
> below. Yours sincerely,
> Yours sincerely,
> Edmundas Zvirblis
> Project Manager
> Tel. + 370 2 622623
> Mobile: + 370 86 55422
> Fax: + 370 2 622629
> INFOBALT Centras
> Vokieciu 28/17-16
> LT-2001 Vilnius
> zvirblis@infobalt.lt
> www.infobalt.lt
> Saulius Arelis
> Project Manager
> Association INFOBALT
> Tel. + 370 2 622623
> Mobile: + 370 610 35036
> Fax: + 370 2 622629
> saulius@infobalt.lt
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