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I'd like to add a simple knowledge organization system

From: John C. Olsson <contact@johncolsson.com>
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2012 22:25:11 +0200
Message-ID: <CAF2FLBf+mmeka+2H=zT-YfRnLXKyoMM0V1O+rG9bwmY7a7h6gw@mail.gmail.com>
To: public-esw-thes@w3.org

I was hoping someone could reach out and help me add an addition to SKOS.

I have created a generic knowledge organization system that can be used to
organize data within a larger variety of different fields and areas of
interest. I think it appeals to many and thats why I want to share it.

Can I please have someone help me share it among other SKOS systems?

I'm creating a URL destination with more info on it as well and it should
be working soon, but that could be a later thing to add this website.

Until now the name is PEPFIRE

I'm excited to make a contribution.

John C. Olsson

Skype olssonjohn
Phone +46707398716
Received on Friday, 27 April 2012 10:32:19 UTC

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