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ISKO-UK afternoon meeting on Tuesday 1 November:,,Interoperability: joining up knowledge and information in the health sector

From: Stella Dextre Clarke <stella@lukehouse.org>
Date: Wed, 05 Oct 2011 10:26:51 +0100
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Dear KOS enthusiasts,

Registration has now opened for our ISKO-UK afternoon meeting on Tuesday 
1 November:

*Interoperability: joining up knowledge and information in the health sector

**The complexity of managing information and knowledge in health is 
astonishing. As budgets tighten in the public sector, all of us are 
affected - with patients at the really sharp end. Users and providers of 
information face huge demands for increased efficiency and 
effectiveness. Records must be shared and reused, while being accurate 
and confidential. If you are in the UK, I hope  you can join 
us<http://www.iskouk.org/events/health_nov2011.htm>on November 1^st to 
hear about lessons and challenges for seamless and reliable flows of 
medical and care information. The emphasis will be on clinical 
information directly relevant to patients, but parallels can be drawn 
across the public and private sectors.

You can find out more details of the event and register via the ISKO UK 
site at http://www.iskouk.org/events/health_nov2011.htm. And please pass 
this invitation on to any colleagues who might be interested.

The event is *free* to ISKO members and to full-time students. The fee 
for non-members is just *40*. All fees must be paid in advance - there 
is no provision for payment on arrival. Please note the venue is not UCL 
this time - it is the *King's Fund, London W1G 0AN. *Registration opens 
at 1.30 and we shall start promptly at 2 p.m.*

The provisional programme includes these topics from leading speakers:

    * joining up knowledge and information to deliver better, safer,
      more convenient and cost-effective healthcare;
    * usingcodes and controlled vocabularies to embed unambiguous
      definitions of medical conditions and procedures in the patient
    * how real projects use metadata in practice;
    * Knowledge Management when the patient is in control of the records;
    * interoperability and the NHS using the Interoperability Toolkit
      (ITK) and opening it to greater engagement from potential users
      and suppliers;

As speakers we welcome *Ewan Davis, *a health informatics consultant; 
*Ian Herbert, *Vice-Chair of BCS Health; *Ann Wrightson *of the NHS 
Wales Informatics Service who since 2009 has chaired the HL7 UK 
Technical Committee; *Dr Mohammad Al-Ubaydli, *a clinician and 
researcher in medical software; *Martin Whittaker *of Touchstone 
Consultancy and *Ian Lewin,*a text mining specialist, working for the 
European Bioinformatics Institute.

ISKO is a not-for-profit scientific/professional association with the 
objective of promoting research and communication in the domain of 
knowledge organization, within the broad field of information science 
and related disciplines. Founded in 2007, our UK Chapter has been 
attracting lively and steadily growing audiences to itsafternoon meeting 
series (see slides and recordings at http://www.iskouk.org/events.htm) 
as well as its very successfulsecond biennial conference 
(http://www.iskouk.org/conf2011/index.htm) earlier this year.

We look forward to your participation.
Stella Dextre Clarke
Chair, ISKO-UK

Stella Dextre Clarke
Information Consultant
Luke House, West Hendred, Wantage, OX12 8RR, UK
Tel: 01235-833-298
Fax: 01235-863-298
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