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Re: Terminology Service Project

From: diego ferreyra <tematres@r020.com.ar>
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2010 09:40:08 -0300
Message-ID: <AANLkTimmE9C1eMrd0Q+k0d1M-OGqyrBTVnsEjAdQet1d@mail.gmail.com>
To: "M.Roszkowski" <rosz_mar@yahoo.com>
Cc: public-esw-thes@w3.org
Hello, TemaTres  is a Web Tool to manage, publish and exploit controlled
vocabularies ( thesauri, taxonomies, glossaries).

TemaTres can export vocabularies to all XML formats and
structures available in the field of thesauri (Skos-Core, Zthes, TopicMap,
Dublin Core, MADS, BS8723-5, RSS, SiteMap)

If you need exploit your vocabulary from another aplication, may be
you can use the web services interface of TemaTres. With this interface
are many ways to exploit and integrate your thesaurus with other services
aplications. Here some expamples:

    - WordPress plugin who allow integrate your thesaurus with any
eg: http://www.vocabularyserver.com/test-tematres-wordpress-plugin/

    - Open Journal Server PlugIn who allow integrate your thesaurus with

    - TemaTresView: AJAX integration multipurpose with any manager

    - VisualVocabulary: allow exploit your thesaurus in visual and
model eg: http://vocabularyserver.com/visualvocabulary/

    - WebVocabulary: Integrate your vocabulary with any formal source of
eg: http://www.palabrero.com.ar/psicologia/index.php

There are plugin for Dspace too (and more).

>From the latest release (1.1) you can:

* Now you can asign unique code for each term and use it as key to term
* "Edit in place" features for terms and codes.
* Advanced search features (search by top term, deep level, etc)
* Utility to import thesauri from tabulated textfiles. Developed by Nicolas
POULAIN, Thanks you!!  nicolas.poulain@ouvaton.org in http://tounoki.org
* New look and feel and simplified template
* Integration of alphabetic and systematic view
* Friendly Menus and Terms options for editors  (with Jquery)

In the next release will be able to manage relationships between
vocabularies (mapping relations), for example:

 - For a detail of the features of TemaTres

- To download TemaTres

- Try TemaTres demo as editor

Please, let me know if I can help you or if you have any problem.
My apologies about my  english :(.

best regards

diego ferreyra

2010/9/30 M.Roszkowski <rosz_mar@yahoo.com>

> Hello
> My organization has plans for setting up a polish terminology service on
> library metadata and cataloging formats and standards (term + definition +
> source of definition + context + additional information). The project is on
> initial stage. We are considering the choice of appriopiate format. We are
> aware of existing glossaries in SKOS, but we have not used any tools,
> software which could help us.
> Please feel free and share your experiences.
> This should be quite simple and easy to manage.
> Best wishes
> Marcin
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