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FW: STERNA project and Technology Watch Report

From: Tudhope D S (AT) <dstudhope@glam.ac.uk>
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2009 12:38:46 -0000
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People may be interested in the STERNA report (url below) 
It reviews aspects of various KOS related issues, including some SKOS


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> From: Guntram Geser [mailto:guntram.geser@salzburgresearch.at]
> Sent: Thu 18/12/2008 16:12
> To: Tudhope D S (AT)
> Subject: STERNA project and Technology Watch Report
> Dear Prof. Tudhope,
> I would like to inform you about a project called STERNA and an
> available STERNA Technology Watch Report, which may be of interest to
> your national and European research projects (e.g. STAR).
> STERNA is a project co-funded under the eContentplus programme as a Best
> Practice Network in the area of digital libraries (cultural and
> scientific content).
> The project consortium comprises 12 European natural history museums and
> other institutions that hold content on biodiversity and wildlife.
> The project implements semantic access to cultural and scientific
> heritage resources, like it is suggested in the technical
> interoperability roadmap for the European Digital Library.
> The report is set in the context of this major European initiative.
> Part A of the report provides introductory chapters and presents some
> state-of-the-art projects in the integration of heterogeneous cultural
> heritage collections based on Semantic Web standards (RDF, SKOS, OWL).
> As the STERNA project focuses on natural history and biodiversity, Part
> B presents a wider spectrum of related projects, tools and information
> resources (e.g. digitisation of specimen labels and taxonomic
> literature, taxonomic databases and services, online collaboration
> tools, Life Science Identifiers (LSIDs), TDWG LSID metadata vocabularies
> and core ontology, and a number of ontologies developed in research
> projects).
> The report also includes recommendations on semantic approaches to
> leverage cultural heritage content integration in the context of the
> European Digital Library initiative as well as how to better integrate
> natural history and biodiversity resources in the initiative.
> The report is available for download at
> http://www.sterna-net.eu/index.php/en/downloads
> If you find the STERNA project and report to be interesting in some
> respects, please consider to forward this information to colleagues and
> project partners for whom it may be beneficial.
> Kind regards,
> Guntram Geser
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> Dr. Guntram Geser MTM
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