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15th Knowledge Management Forum (Milano, Italy, 11st - 15th October 2010) - call for papers / sponsor - est

From: JEKPOT - Customer Office <jekpot@jekpot.com>
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 2009 09:38:15 +0100
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take the opportunity to participate as a sponsor or speaker by call for
papers in KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT TRACKS 2010, conference ed expo on managing
and communicating organizational knowledge that will be held in Milano,
Italy, the 13th October 2010, within the 15th Knowledge Management Forum.

To participate as a speaker, register you HERE
<http://www.jekpot.com/pagine/privacy.htm>  indicating cfp-km15 and send me
within the 4th July 2010 a paper related to the km tracks indicated such as
content management, e-learning, business intelligence, security management.
If the paper will be approved by the Scientific Committee, it could be
presented at the conference by paying a fee of 2.000 euro + 20%VAT. In every
case, it will be published free on the proceedings. 

To participate as a sponsor, ask me the adhesion form.

Your talk (paper presentation or speech) could win the Km Award 2010, a
prize assigned by the audience to the best talk.

Details are below.

Best regards


Dr. Carlo Sorge

Responsible director
 <http://www.jekpot.com/kappaemme> KappaeMme

Office: Via A. Folperti 44/d
            27100 Pavia, PV, Italy
Ph.:      +39 0382 572287
Web:    www.jekpot.com
E-Mail: jekpot [at] jekpot.com


15th Knowledge Management Forum 

Managing and communicating organizational knowledge

Milano, Italy, from 11st to 15th October 2010

Adhesions Call for papers:  the 4th July 2010

Adhesions Sponsor: the 27th July 2010

 <http://www.jekpot.com/pagine/km15.htm> Agenda and registrations
University: 1st October 2010

 <http://www.jekpot.com/pagine/km15.htm> Agenda and registrations Tracks &
Expo: 7th October 2010




Milano, Italy 
Conference (morning: metodology and offering speech; afternoon: case study),
expo (demo and point of promotional material distribution), tutorials on
managing and communicating organizational knowledge. 
- European Commission Represented in Milan, Italy
- University of Milano, Italy
First look
Knowledge management (km) is a managerial discipline focused on the
increasement of organization competitiveness and people professionality by
an approach of a cultural, organizational and technological innovation and
of a knowledge optimized management.
Knowledge Management Forum since 13 editions is the meeting on the cultural,
organizational and technological innovations to spread knowledge management
as a methodology to manage and communicate organizational knowledge.
The goal of km forum is to collect the best original practice on knowledge
management by case study presentation and papers talking about knowledge
management scenarios, strategies, methodologies, technologies, applications,
processes, focus on, solutions, best practice, experiences.
Best papers will be published on KappaeMme (
<outbind://174/www.jekpot.com/kappaemme> www.jekpot.com/kappaemme), a
magazine on managing and communicating organizational knowledge edited by
JEKPOT, the Knowledge Management Company.
The event is divided in the following area:
a) KM Tracks (13rd October 2010): opened conference on technological and
managerial km tracks: Explicit: search engine, document management, content
management, erp; Tacit: elearning, collaboration, real time applications,
audiovideo communication systems; Creable: business intelligence, customer
relationship management; Cross: security, workflow, wireless management
b) KM Expo (13rd October 2010): exhibition area on solutions about the
management and communication of organizational knowledge
c) KM University (11st, 12nd, 15th October 2010): tutorials with
competencies certification:
- 11th: Knowledge management and Communities of practice
- 12th: Communicating organizational knowledge by P.R.E.M.I. (Person
Relationship Emotion Motivation Information) and Project management
- 15th: Social network analysis
General manager
Unit, Department, Division directors
Director and Responsible of the following functions: Communication &
Marketing, Knowledge management & Innovation, Human resources and Education,
Information systems and Organization
Prize for the best talk at KM TRACKS
To participate in the call for papers click on
www.jekpot.com/pagine/privacy.htm indicating your personal data and the
subject of your request (CFP KM15); then send the web form and you will get
the documents to participate in cfp.
Accepted papers could be presented in Km Tracks Session by registering to
the forum; to make your registration to the forum click on

Critical Dates
- July, 4, 2010: Submission deadline for papers
- September, 25, 2010: Notification of acceptance for papers
- September, 15, 2010: Submission deadline for camera-ready papers and
(possibile) deadline of registration as a speaker for the author of the
validated paper to present it within the Km Tracks Session.

Information retrieval
Information categorization
Information taxonomy
Information profiling
Information lifecycle management
Records management
Search engine
Document management
Content management
Enterprise Resource Planning
Product Lifecycle Management
Messaging & Collaboration
Videoconferencing, virtual meeting,
instant messaging, web-tv, unified communication
Elearning, Community management
Knowledge mapping
Intellectual asset management
HR management
Application mining
Data mining
Text mining
Executive Informations Systems
Information and knowledge visualisation
Performance management
Call e contact center
Customer Relationship Management
Information, collaboration, analitical, knowledge Portal
Portal Applications Integration
Database management
Internet management
Quality management
Security management
Supply chain management
Storage management
Wireless management
Workflow management
Cultural, organizational, technological approach related to:
1) Scenarios, strategies, methodologies, technologies, applications,
processes, focus on, solutions, best practice, experiences;
2) Education (continuing, oriented to organizational goals, processes and
3) Innovation (cultural, organizational, technological; on product and
4) Research (scientific, industrial);
5) Interactions among education, innovation, research;
to increase the competitiveness of organizations and the professionality of
his collaborators

- FIRST (listening conference for target audience): free
- PLUS (reserved place, proceedings, KappaeMme): 200 EURO + 20%VAT
- CFP (15' validated paper presentation for private organizations, reserved
place, proceedings KappaeMme): 2.000 EURO +

Conference chair
- Carlo Sorge, JEKPOT

Scientific Committee
- Carlo Sorge, JEKPOT, Italy
- Marco Bettoni, Fernfachhocschule, Switzerland
- Manfredi Buonomo, Paris, France
- Silvana Castano, University of Milano, Italy
- Claudio Cilli, ISACA, Roma Chapter, Italy
- Carlo Corazza, Commissione Europea Rappresentanza a Milano, Italy
- Luciano Galliani, University of Padova, Italy
- Luciano Guerra, University of Bologna, Italy
- Oreste Signore, W3C, Italian Chapter, Italy
- Alberto Silvani, University of Milano, Italy

KappaeMme Newsletter covers over 35.000 manager interested in managing and
communicationg organizational knowledge and related technologies supporting.
KappaeMme Web covers over 500 daily unique visitors in working week.
Telemarketing on target audience by our databases. Network partnership with
community and relationship network. Media partnership.


a) List

on request

b) Adhesions
- 31st January 2010: closing with discount
- 27th July 2010: closing
- 31th August 2010: closing previous availability

 <http://www.jekpot.com/pagine/km14.htm> www.jekpot.com/pagine/km14.htm


JEKPOT srl, the Joint between Economy Knowledge Pathos Organization and
Technology, is the Knowledge Management Company. Founded and managed from
Carlo Sorge, economist, journalist and research on km, JEKPOT operates as a
Value Added Partner offering a 360 service in 4 sectors.
- Event ( <outbind://174/www.jekpot.com/pagine/eventi.htm>
www.jekpot.com/pagine/eventi.htm): it organizes the Knowledge Management
Forum, thematic event, custom meeting and territorial seminar.
- Education ( <outbind://174/www.jekpot.com/pagine/formazione.htm>
www.jekpot.com/pagine/formazione.htm): it organizes tutorials about
communication, management, security
- Media ( <outbind://174/www.jekpot.com/pagine/media.htm>
www.jekpot.com/pagine/media.htm): it is the publisher of KappaeMme,
magazine, cd & books, web and newsletter.
- Service ( <outbind://174/www.jekpot.com/pagine/servizi.htm>
www.jekpot.com/pagine/servizi.htm): it provides consulting on projects
related to managing and communicating organizational knowledge, realizing
office & business development (from all point of view: organization,
logistic, legal, commercial, communication, humna and instrumental resources
research & selection) 

For more informations
Via A. Folperti 44/d, 27100 Pavia, PV, Italy
Ph.: +39 0382 572287 | Web: www.jekpot.com | E-Mail: jekpot [at] jekpot.com

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 readable on  <http://www.jekpot.com/pagine/privacy.htm>
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personal data threatment.
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an offence.
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