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Lack of RDF/XML examples in new standards

From: Stephen Bounds <km@bounds.net.au>
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2008 01:58:27 +0000
Message-ID: <20081112015827.puyss352ck0k8c8k@mail.bounds.net.au>
To: SKOS <public-esw-thes@w3.org>

Hi all,

I was just reading through the SKOS Primer and saw that "this Primer,  
together with the SKOS Reference document [SKOS-REFERENCE], replaces  
the earlier SKOS Core Guide [SWBP-SKOS-CORE-GUIDE] and the SKOS Core  
Vocabulary Specification [SWBP-SKOS-CORE-SPEC], which are now  

I think this is a mistake.  One of the best things about the Core  
Guide and Vocabulary Spec was that they have an extensive set of  
RDF/XML examples which, let's face it, form the vast bulk of  
implemented RDF systems.

Replacing RDF/XML notation with tuple notation in the Primer and  
References places a great big roadblock to understanding for those who  
are looking for an easy XML language to describe and interrelate  

Sure, the superceded documents are still available but people won't  
know to go to older versions to find these examples.

In all probability, I wouldn't have taken the time to understand how  
SKOS worked without having RDF/XML examples available to read and  
understand.  I can see many others making the same decision, and I  
think it has the potential to seriously impact on SKOS uptake.

Just my 2c,

-- Stephen.
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