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Re: Tool to create SKOS

From: Bernard Vatant <bernard.vatant@mondeca.com>
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2007 16:24:36 +0100
Message-ID: <45A50534.2040705@mondeca.com>
To: Javier Lacasta <jlacasta@unizar.es>
Cc: public-esw-thes@w3.org

Hello Javier

Congratulations and thanks for making this tool available. I have 
started to play around with it, and it's globally nice and efficient. I 
was able to import a multilingual thesaurus I'm currently maintaining, 
and everything works OK so far, edition, import and export, after I have 
eventually figured out the metadata configuration, which is not 
completely obvious.

I have just a minor issue with "skos:ConceptScheme" and "skos:inScheme" 
which are not handled properly and not documented in the manual, as far 
as I have found. My original "inScheme" values are all killed and 
replaced by a value apparently generated by concatenation of the 
Thesaurus short name and a default namespace, like 
"http://iaaa.unizar.es/thesaurus/My Thesaurus".
And, as happens here, if the Thesaurus short name contains white space, 
this value is not even a valid URI :-( .
And if you have several different ConceptScheme referred to in the 
original file, they are all lost.
I've no problem with importing and managing only one concept scheme at a 
time, though, but I would be happy to keep its original URI :-) .

Anyway, great job altogether. I'm sure you will fix the last missing 
bits and pieces, and that your tool will ease SKOS adoption by Thesaurus 


Javier Lacasta a écrit :
> Dear all,
> I have the pleasure to present you the new Open Source project named 
> ThManager. This is an Open Source Tool for creating and visualizing 
> SKOS RDF vocabularies.
> The tool is being distributed over the Source Forge platform and it is 
> available at http://thmanager.sourceforge.net/
> The tool has been developed by the Advanced Information Systems 
> Laboratory (http://iaaa.cps.unizar.es <http://iaaa.cps.unizar.es/>) of 
> the University of Zaragoza (Spain).
> The tool has been implemented in Java and has the following features:
> · Multi-platform (Windows, Unix). As it has been developed in Java and 
> the storage of metadata records is managed directly through the file 
> system, the application can be deployed in any platform with the 
> minimum requirement of having installed a Java virtual machine.
> · Multilingual. The application has been developed following the Java 
> internationalization methodology. Nowadays, there are Spanish and 
> English versions. With little effort, other languages could be supported.
> · Selection and filtering of the thesauri stored in the local repository.
> · Description of thesauri by means of metadata in compliance with a 
> Dublin Core based application profile for thesaurus. These metadata 
> can be either visualized in HTML or edited through a form.
> · Visualization of thesaurus concepts. The visualization interface 
> includes the following widgets:
> o Alphabetic viewer: It provides the list of thesaurus concepts 
> alphabetically ordered in the selected language.
> o Hierarchical viewer: It provides a tree showing the hierarchical 
> structure of thesaurus concepts.
> o Concept viewer: For a selected concept it shows all the properties 
> allowing additionally the navigation to the related concepts by means 
> of hyperlinks.
> o Search tool: It facilitates search of concepts. The searching 
> process is based on preferred labels allowing the following criteria: 
> “equals”,”starts with” and “contains”.
> · Edition of thesaurus content. The tool provides an edition interface 
> to modify the content of a thesaurus: creation of concepts, deletion 
> of concepts, and update of concept properties.
> · Exchange of thesauri according to SKOS format. The export operation 
> includes the export of thesaurus metadata.
> · Extraction of related concepts in WordNet. It generates an automatic 
> mapping of thesaurus concepts against the concepts of Wordnet lexical 
> database.
> · On-line help by means of PDF visualization.
> I hope the tool will be interesting for you. Please, let us know any 
> comment, problem or opinion you will have about the tool.
> Enjoy ThManager.
> Best regards


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