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[PORT][OEP] Agenda items for f2f SKOS discussion

From: Miles, AJ \(Alistair\) <A.J.Miles@rl.ac.uk>
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 11:59:53 +0100
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Hi all,

I'd like to put forward the following agenda items for SKOS discussion at the Galway f2f.  These are issues of high priority, and for which we especially could do with the expertise of the OEP task force.

Background reading:

SKOS Core Guide Editor's Draft 6 October 2005 (approved for WD)

SKOS Core Vocabulary Specification Editor's Draft 6 October 2005 (approved for WD)

ITEM 1: 'Extending' SKOS Core

SKOS Core doesn't cover all variations in structure and features found in thesauri, and other KOS types e.g. classification schemes, and was never meant to.  SKOS Core needs to be 'extended' to cope with these situations, and there have been several requests for practical guidance on how to do this.

Link to issue/proposal:

Proposed draft of appendix for SKOS Core Guide describing extensions how-to:

ITEM 2: Importing SKOS Core into OWL (DL) Ontologies

SKOS Core has a number of properties that could be useful when developing ontologies, e.g. skos:prefLabel, skos:altLabel, skos:definition etc.  Also, applications such as the Semantic Web Environmental Directory (SWED) exemplify the use of hybrid SKOS/OWL ontologies, and to build such ontologies requires that SKOS Core can be imported into OWL ontologies and OWL tools such as Protege and SWOOP.  However, SKOS Core currently precludes this, because several statements take it outside OWL DL.

Link to issue/proposal:

Draft of proposal for resolving this issue:

ITEM 3: Problem with SKOS Collections

SKOS Core is currently self-contradictory, due to the allowed use of skos:Collection with semantic relation properties described in the SKOS Core Guide.  This needs to be resolved asap.

Link to issue/proposal:

Draft describing options for resolution:



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