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Re: What about "taxonomies"? RE: Glossary of terms relating to thesauri and faceted classification

From: Leonard Will <L.Will@willpowerinfo.co.uk>
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2005 14:44:18 +0000
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In message <OKEPIACPKNILKGKBJKBJGENHDAAA.aida@acorweb.net> on Wed, 2 Feb 
2005, Aida Slavic <aida@acorweb.net> wrote
>In taxonomic or entity classification each entity has only one place in 
>the classification structure. That is, an entity is classed according 
>to one of its properties. (e.g. iron in the taxonomy of chemical 
>elements will have a single place)

Right. That's how the biologists use the word "taxonomy", and I wish it 
were confined to that use.

>In an aspect or perspective classifications an entity will be placed in 
>several places according to the aspect from which it is studied...(e.g. 
>iron may be classed in chemistry, medicine, industry, mining, art)

This could be expressed by saying that the facet of "disciplines" or 
"fields of knowledge" takes priority over the facet of "entities" in the 
citation order.

>I my expereince people use expression 'taxonomy' instead of using term

>The use of 'words' (instead of notation+words) does not change the 
>nature of the existing structure. So the use of words in representation 
>of what is essentially a classification structure will not convert it 
>to a thesaurus.

>Classificatory structure, and taxonomy as a type of classification, can 
>be represented by words and they usually are when implemented for IR 
>but they are still classifications.

I agree, and would call this sort of arrangement "alphabetico-classed". 
As words are used without notation, the arrangement of sibling terms in 
an array has to be alphabetical. When a notation is used it is possible 
to impose an alternative sequence based on some logical principle other 
than alphabetical order.


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