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Re: Legislative Recordings and 3D Video

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An example scenario of photography and videography from 3D video data is that of a press conference.  Processing the 3D data from sensor arrays, cameras can be placed arbitrarily in the spaces of conference venues to show journalists as they ask questions and cameras can be placed on vectors between press conference hosts and journalists so that, while answering journalists’ questions, press conference hosts can look simultaneously at journalists and cameras.  The example highlights some of the new ways that photographers and videographers can position, calibrate and maneuver virtual cameras in 3D recordings.

Multidisciplinary research topics include automatic and computer-assisted generation and analysis of multimedia and of cinematography.  Topics include the cinematography of entire events, summarizations of events and clips, for example clips utilized in presentations and in other materials such as digital books and textbooks.  Topics pertinent to both generating and analyzing such multimedia, and topically the cinematography in such multimedia, include support for multimedia documents, multiple or tandem devices, mixed and multiple camera angle tracks, stereoscopic multiview coding, multiview coding and free viewpoint video scenarios.

3D video viewing scenarios include uses of 3D televisions and 3D display devices as well as combinations of other display devices with sensors and mobile computers.  Some mobile computing human-computer interface topics include, with regard to multiple camera angle video, multitouch ergonomics for moving between multiple cameras, including while viewing fullscreen video, in a manner intuitive to spatial navigation and to the positions of the multiple cameras and camera angles.  Users could additionally gesture to view 3D models of multiple cameras and camera angles and then navigate by means of selecting cameras.

Computer vision and visual-inertial odometry topics are also pertinent to the ergonomics of viewing 3D content, graphics and video, on mobile devices.  Algorithms can utilize data from multiple cameras on the fronts and backs of devices, head-tracking, accelerometers, compasses and gyroscopes to provide users with the ergonomics to move mobile computers, e.g. tablets, through space, and their heads relative to them, for enhanced viewing experiences with 3D content, graphics and video.

Technologies, both in use and emerging, can transform the recording, storage and viewing of legislative events and records, meetings, press conferences, presentations and infographics.

Kind regards,

Adam Sobieski

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