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Geeklist Hack4Good #6 - Climate Change #hack4good - 12-14 Sept 2014

From: Steven Clift <clift@e-democracy.org>
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2014 08:04:32 -0500
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It is pretty clear that many of their challenges will need access to
open government data.

Check out:

The world's biggest global hack against climate change

Uniting globally 12-14 September 2014, 3,000+ leading software
engineers, hackers, ui/ux designers, product makers, founders, thought
leaders and civic-minded organisations will gather in 40+ global
cities to hack against climate change, building prototypes of
technology solutions that address 15 global climate change challenges.

There are Global and Local sponsorship opportunities available right
now! Contact hack4good@geekli.st today!

How does #hack4good work?

Teams respond to problem statements and challenges set by NGOs,
government organisations and subject matter experts, collaborating
intensively over a 48-hour period. The result is 100s of prototype
projects that demonstrate innovative technology solutions to have a
positive impact for humanity.

In each location, a judging panel made up of technology leaders and
subject matter experts will select the most promising teams in terms
of their potential impact. These go forwards into global judging. The
teams selected by the global judging panel will present their projects
as part of Climate Week NYC alongside the UN Climate Summit in New
York in September.

15 Global Climate Change Challenges

Climate Awareness Challenges

Public awareness - Gain a critical mass of public awareness and
support for addressing climate change
Personal impact - Help people understand their personal impact and
carbon footprint
Digital activism - What digital tools can we give to savvy activists
and campaigners that will unlock the potential to create powerful
movements for climate action?
Compelling visualisation - Create compelling visualisations of climate
models and climate impacts
International negotiations - Facilitate effective international
negotiations and strong international agreements

Climate Adaptation Challenges

Resilient communities - Build tools to empower strong, prepared and
resilient communities
Temperature rise - Respond to heatwaves, drought and agricultural challenges
Extreme weather - Respond to flooding, tropical storms, wildfires and
extreme sudden weather events
Ecosystems and nature - Protect and restore ecosystems, natural spaces
and animal habitats
NGO collaboration - Facilitate collaboration and communication between NGOs

Climate Action Challenges

Consumer behaviour - Influence and encourage climate-friendly
consumption choices
Energy production - Develop global scale solutions for low-carbon
energy production
Responsible finance - Encourage responsible finance and divestment
away from fossil fuels
Sustainability and energy efficiency - Increase energy efficiency,
appropriate use of resources and sustainable business
Reforestation - End deforestation and stimulate reforestation

Where is #hack4good and how do I get involved?

Geeklist #hack4good 0.6 is In 40+ cities and participation can be
online if your city does not have a physical venue!

Click "Join the Hackathon" at the top-right of this page to sign up in
your city or as an online participant!

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  Executive Director - http://E-Democracy.org
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