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New PewInternet.org report on mobile Internet users

From: Steven Clift <clift@e-democracy.org>
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2013 12:45:51 -0500
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Important implications for civic tech/open gov:


It is notable that 60% of Latinos, 43% of blacks who *use phone to go
online* mostly go online that way, while whites mobile net users only
come in at 27% (meaning they have more devices/ways to access ... like
the dual 24" monitor experience in front of me right now).

So, if you want open gov/civic tech to reach those often not being
heard via "online civic communication" -
http://bit.ly/ecivicgapinfographic - a responsive/mobile design seems

Steven Clift

>From their main report:

Demographics of cell-mostly internet users

The Pew Research Center has been tracking the “cell mostly internet
user” phenomenon since 2011, and over that time several demographic
groups—young adults, non-whites, the less educated, and the less
affluent—have said that they go online mostly using their cell phone
at consistently high rates.1 This remains true in 2013, as our data

Non-whites: Among those who use their phone to go online, six in ten
Hispanics and 43% of African-Americans are cell-mostly internet users,
compared with 27% of whites.

Young adults: Half of cell internet users ages 18-29 mostly use their
cell phone to go online.

The less-educated: Some 45% of cell internet users with a high school
diploma or less mostly use their phone to go online, compared with 21%
of those with a college degree.

The less-affluent: Similarly, 45% of cell internet users living in
households with an annual income of less than $30,000 mostly use their
phone to go online, compared with 27% of those living in households
with an annual income of $75,000 or more.

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