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RE: Draft agenda for Sept. 20 W3C eGov meeting

From: Brand Niemann <bniemann@cox.net>
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2011 21:12:18 -0400
To: "'Holm, Jeanne M \(1760\)'" <jeanne.m.holm@jpl.nasa.gov>, "'W3C eGov Interest Group \(All\)'" <public-egov-ig@w3.org>
Cc: "'Sandro Hawke'" <sandro@w3.org>
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Thanks for an excellent meeting. My three suggestions for differentiating
our work from that of the other group are to take on bigger challenges:


Improve government web sites (e.g. recent announcement in US)


Enter app contests (e,g, EPA Apps for the Environment - see my You Tube
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgg-HuVl2io)


Write data stories to go with 5 star data publishing to demonstrate value of
data to public and decision-makers (e.g. AOL Government:





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Cc: Sandro Hawke
Subject: Draft agenda for Sept. 20 W3C eGov meeting


Hi all--


Thanks so much for a great meeting last time!  Our next meeting is scheduled
for Tuesday, September 20, at 0900-1030 Eastern.  Below is a draft agenda
for your comment.  We'll finalize by tomorrow and get this out, but would
appreciate your guidance and feedback as we move forward.  Thanks!


DRAFT Agenda for September 20 W3C eGovernment Interest Group Meeting

*	Summary of goals and objectives from first meeting
*	Briefing and discussion on OGLD WG status and priorities (George
Thomas and Bernadette Hyland-confirmed)
*	Opportunity for leadership!  Select 2-3 areas for near-term focus
and seek leaders to help on each (such as policy, accessibility, or list of
*	Draft agenda for October 31-November 1 TPAC meeting in Santa Clara,

*	Content to send ahead of the meeting

*	Resources you rely on for open government, egov, policy, and open
*	An example of a best practice, policy, or paper (by you or someone
*	Focus on creating a resource of best practices
*	Possible actions from the team, such as: Establish a framework for a
policy and egovernment checklist?

Looking forward to your feedback.


--Jeanne Holm



Jeanne Holm

Evangelist, Data.gov

U.S. General Services Administration

Cell: (818) 434-5037

Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn: JeanneHolm





On 9/4/11 8:15 PM, "Sandro Hawke" <sandro@w3.org> wrote:


The draft minutes are here:




If your name is NOT underlined, that means you haven't actually joined

the group.  Please do join; the group is open to everyone.  If you're

not affiliated with a W3C member, you're welcome to join *this* group as

an Invited Expert.   Instructions are here:




Many thanks to Hadley for scribing, although she hasn't yet had a chance

to make corrections.  If you're in the group, feel free to correct them

yourself on the wiki (the link is in the minutes; all changes are logged

of course).


    -- Sandro






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