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Re: 4th Australian Metadata Conference - 2011 - Call for Presentations and Case Studies

From: Gannon Dick <gannon_dick@yahoo.com>
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2011 15:27:37 -0800 (PST)
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How about "Governance Realities", Chris ?  I don't think we ever came to a consensus about the differences between metadata in the Public Domain (versus the Private Sector).

I am making some progress on the empirical identification of {metadata stuff} though ...



--- On Fri, 2/25/11, Chris Beer <chris@e-beer.net.au> wrote:

From: Chris Beer <chris@e-beer.net.au>
Subject: 4th Australian Metadata Conference - 2011 - Call for Presentations  and Case Studies
To: public-lod@w3.org, "W3C e-Gov IG" <public-egov-ig@w3.org>
Date: Friday, February 25, 2011, 5:53 AM


  Hi all


      For the interest of Australian list members (and others) - Call
      for Presentations and Case Studies at "Meta 2011 - Business
      Realities and Implications". I'll only post this call twice (once
      more towards the end date for submissions as a reminder) so please
      don't consider it spam.


      Don't let the name fool you - realistically we're after
      presentations and case studies on any real and practical metadata
      implementations, especially in the Gov space but with an eye for
      the commercial market too (LOD and SemWeb guys - I'm looking at
      you here ;) ). Even a group offering from the W3 community would
      be awesome, and IG hat on for a second, a great way to push some
      E&O as always.


      If you've got something to share, or a great project you'd like to
      showcase, let us know! I have every faith that the W3 e-Gov, LOD
      and SemWeb IG and WG crowds will come through with some great
      offerings. And we don't mind if you are international - we'll be
      able to post case studies online, and will have a tweet-up and
      live blog happening as well - anything to spread the sweet eGov
      open data and web 3.0 word.


      Please pass on to any you may think would be intersted!


      Happy to answer any questions off list, or point you to the right
      people to talk to.








          Call for Presentations and Case Studies - "Meta 2011 -
          Business Realities and Implications"

    The fourth Australian conference on Metadata Management (hosted
      by the Institute of Metadata Management), themed "Business Realities and
        Implications", will be held in Canberra in May 2011.


      About the Institute

       The IMM offers both individuals and organisations the opportunity
      to participate in the development of metadata as a profession
      and to be at the leading edge of its utilisation as a core
      component of information management and business intelligence
      within the digital age.  (Link to http://www.metalounge.org/meta-2011-conference_presentations)


      About the Conference

      Event Aim:  To provide a forum for the discussion of crucial
      issues affecting our ability to manage information in the current
      complex market.  

      The Audience:  Managers and practitioners in a range of different
      execution and decision making environments looking for
      the opportunity to find solutions to real world problems faced

      Key Outcomes:  Delegates will leave with practical solutions, key
      contacts and a head full of ideas.

      Previous Conference References:  www.metalounge.org (previously
      metadata Australia 2010)


      The Key Themes


        Business Intelligence & Analytics - Achieving a joint
        position and understanding of metadata

        Technology Solutions, Data Integration and Hands-on Workshops

        Management, Governance and Stewardship - including Professional
        & Capability Development

        Overcoming obstacles in the Execution process - challenges and


      Who Should Attend


        Senior managers responsible for knowledge, records and
        information management

        Policy and technical metadata and data practitioners

        Researchers in information and metadata management

        Students from all disciplines related to information and
        communications management


      Key Dates:

        Wednesday 25th May  – current practices and experiences

        Thursday 26th May  –  emerging promises and issues

        Friday 27th May – practical sessions on the technology and


      Benefits of Attending and Presenting


        Networking with like minded practioners and thought leaders

        Exposure to emerging ideas and leading research

        Practical learning and evidence of successes for faster, cost
        effective implementation

        Next generation data and information management trends

        Membership to IMM


      Presentations and Case Studies will be considered which include:  

        the application of metadata within information and knowledge

        innovative solutions and ideas around metadata management issues

        practical solutions around applying metadata within the
        organisational context

        utilising metadata to enhance access and usability 

        evidence of success and failure with lessons learned in


      We would ask that the following information be provided so that we
      can contextualise these:

        Name of Organisation

        Type of Industry

        Particular Solution

        Line of Business Affected

        Location of Client

        Specific Business Challenge

        Overview of Approach

        Benefits of the Application

        Future opportunities and next steps


      Submission guidelines:

        Proposals must be submitted to info@digitalbrand.org by
        19th March, 2011

        Include a one paragraph description for use in the conference
        program guide

        Include a one paragraph describing the presenter’s background,
        credentials and experience

        Presentations will be limited to 30 minutes

        Presenters will be required to sign a Speaker’s Deed of Consent
        and Release to make slides and handouts available on CD and/or
        the conference website


      Speaker reimbursement

        The conference is being run on a cost recovery basis to keep
        costs as low as possible for delegates

        Presenters will be required to register for the conference but
        the registration fee will be waived

        There may be some possibility to reimburse travel and
        accommodation costs for presenters outside of the ACT
        (within Australia only).  For further information on this please
        contact info@metalounge.org




        Limited sponsorship opportunities are available for this event.
         Further details are available here or contact us at info@metalounge.org


      Critical Timeline

        Deadline for proposals:  19th March, 2011

        Notification of acceptance:  2nd April, 2011

        Deadline for final abstracts and bios:  29th April, 2011

        Deadline for final presentation slides and related documents:  
        13th May, 2011

        Conference:  Wednesday 25th - Friday 27th May, 2011


      Institute of Metadata Management Committee

      Lisa Baldwin, Fuji Xerox Australia

      Oliver Bell, Microsoft Australia
      Michele Berkhout, Digital Brand (links to online profiles)

      David Bromage, National Archives of Australia

      Karen Dexter, Department of Defence

      Terry Hanisch, Department of Finance and Deregulations

      Anni Rowland-Campbell, Digital Brand

      Mel Taylor, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Services

      Simon Wall, Australian Bureau of Statistics

      Chris Beer, National Occupational Licensing Authority


    The conference is being organised by Digital Brand Pty Ltd on behalf
    of the Institute of Metadata Management.

      Chris Beer

        Invited Expert (Public Member)
        W3 eGovernment Interest Group & W3-WAI WCAG Working Group

        EM: chris@e-beer.net.au

        TW: @zBeer

        LI: http://au.linkedin.com/in/zbeer

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