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Fwd: DC ACM Event: The Open Government Directive - A Year Later - 2/17/2011

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Of possible interest to people in the Washington, DC area.

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Subject: DC ACM Event: The Open Government Directive - A Year Later - 2/17/2011
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Dear Colleagues,

On December 8, 2009, President Obama issued an Open Government
Directive to direct all Federal Government agencies to "take specific
actions to implement the principles of transparency, participation,
and collaboration."  A year has passed since this directive and while
government agencies have made significant progress, only 17 of the 29
agencies fully meet the expectations set forth in the memo. While the
12 other agencies are making progress, clearly there is more work to

In addition, a byproduct of this directive is the release of large
amounts of data to the public that has raised several questions
related to its value and effectiveness.

How are companies and organizations using this new government data?
What challenges are there in aggregating the various data sources?
What are the policies/barriers to the use of third-party tools to
enhance the usefulness of this new information?
Is this new openness helping to provide citizens with better access
and higher-quality information?

The New America Foundation and the DC Chapter of the ACM will be
hosting a panel discussion around these questions, the current state
and impact of this directive, and what new challenges are on the


Tom Lee
Sunlight Foundation

Andrew McLaughlin
Ex-White House Deputy Chief Technology Officer

Elana Berkowitz (invited)
Open Technology Initiative Fellow
New America Foundation


Tom Glaisyer
New America Foundation

For additional info on location, time and free registration, see here:

Andrew Conklin
Communications Chair, DC ACM

web: http://dcacm.org
Twitter: http://bit.ly/dcacm-tw
LinkedIn: http://linkd.in/dcacm
Facebook: http://bit.ly/dcacm-fb

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