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Re: Is Privacy Dead ? A helpful hint.

From: Gannon Dick <gannon_dick@yahoo.com>
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2010 14:08:22 -0700 (PDT)
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I'll try again.

Meta Data (e.g. facts) propagate as a wave as well as a particle.  A report released at a "Coordinated Time" does not reflect the habits of human communities trying to reach a consensus. Until everyone has seen a "fact", it's News.  While information travels at the speed of light, *consensus* has a fixed path exactly 24 Hours + 1 Second long.  That means, if you issue a report at time T, exactly 24 Hours + 1 Seconds later the whole world has seen it and a consensus can form.  Meta Data does not travel "through the grapevine", although "normal data" does - when a report is issued in Washington, London sees it as News 4 hours later and sees it as Meta Data 24 Hours + 1 Second after arrival.

It's just arithmetic.  Each Country and each Subdivision has a characteristic "Arrival Time".  This is a constant, and unique, for each individual Entity - so the pair (Country Arrival Time, Subdivision Arrival Time) is also unique, even if it does not have any "deeper" meaning itself.  And it does *not* have any deeper meaning after exactly 24 Hours + 1 Second from when the Statistic was issued.  In terms of a Physics, There are a bunch of standing waves, with varying frequencies which all collapse at T + (24 Hours + 1) Second, but since you knew the frequencies you can use them to sort the Entity Names.

For Communities, and Meta Data I think "Consensus Moment" is a good way to put it, but in exactly 24 Hours + 1 Second, I should probably take a poll ;o)

As a practical example of how this might be used, a csv of the group of Entities which comprise NAFTA (US+Canada+Mexico, technically I should exclude some of the Entities or add subdivisions, Palau etc.) is at


If you were going to release NAFTA statics, then you would need to have a static (or a null) for every entity.

I also made a javascript calculator to compute the apparent arrival times, one at a time.  I'll post it in a few days.


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