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Re: IG future? [was: Re: Environmental LOD [was: Re: New Charter]]

From: Gannon Dick <gannon_dick@yahoo.com>
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2010 07:14:02 -0800 (PST)
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Thanks Richard.  I'll try to keep those in *** Privacy Denial *** off your back.

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[If you think that a different set of rules would work better (which is 
entirely possible), then it would be prudent to write them down, coin a 
new term for them, and start the legwork of advertising them, just as 
Tim did since 2006.] - Richard Cyganiak					

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Subject: Re: IG future? [was: Re: Environmental LOD [was: Re: New Charter]]
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Date: Wednesday, November 24, 2010, 8:06 AM

The Common Logic Posse !

Best wishes,


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Re: IG future? [was: Re: Environmental
LOD [was: Re: New Charter]]

> As long as we address eGov and are not overtaken again by the LOD
maffia, you

> can count me in.

Interesting. LOD Mafia. Need to add it to my collection. Linked Data police

[1] is already in it. Any others?







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> Subject: RE: IG future? [was: Re: Environmental LOD [was: Re: New

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> As long as we address eGov and are not overtaken again by the LOD
maffia, you

> can count me in.


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> Subject: IG future? [was: Re: Environmental LOD [was: Re: New Charter]]


> Hi Malcolm, all, 


> It's so good to see several of the old time contributors to this list

> discussing again. Wonderful. I hope we could build on that renewed


> El 24/11/2010, a las 05:14, Malcolm Crompton escribió:

> I agree with Ed, strongly.  The eGov interest group was started
in order to

>> connect to policy makers as well as other communities and this
element has

>> not been very visible for some time.  Policy makers are often
only just

>> coming to grips with the issues and need help at many levels.


> A very strong +1 from me. This is where, IMHO, the group excelled.
I was

> talking to someone the other day who congratulated me for the first
Note we

> published as he learned about it in the references section of the
UN eGov 2010

> Index.


> It is my understanding the eGov Activity won't be just LOD, but that

> related WG (GLDWG) would be started within this Activity and that
the IG would

> stay somehow. Said that, DO NOT underestimate the time commitment
issue we

> faced (and are still facing), the "willingness meets reality
check", i.e. I

> myself would love this happen but it's VERY tough for me to find the

> cycles needed for it...


> I have to apologize again as an IG co-Chair for not being as active
as I

> should be. My time is really packed of Open Data projects (fortunately,

> should say, in this crisis times) and the lessons learned there proved
so far

> there's *also* strong need for a LOD-focused one.


> Cheers,

> Josema.



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>> To illustrate with the Australian example, have a look at the
new Office of

>> the Australian Information Commissioner which commenced operations
on 1

>> November, www.oaic.gov.au.  It incorporates the previous
Office of the

>> Privacy Commissioner and takes over a series of Freedom of Information

>> functions but also has a brand new responsibility for government

>> policy at the Federal level here.  They are feeling their
way and also know

>> the mountains of (passive) resistance they will meet on the way
to open

>> government and open data.


>> More precisely, have a look at the Issues Paper that they have

>> which is still open for public comment.  Input from this
group or its

>> members would be welcomed with open arms.  The issues paper
is online at

>> www.oaic.gov.au/publications/papers.html. See also other speeches
and papers

>> by the new Information Commissioner, Brian McMillan.


>> Malcolm Crompton


>> Managing Director

>> Information Integrity Solutions Pty Ltd

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>> T:  +61 407 014 450


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>> Subject: Re: Environmental LOD [was: Re: New Charter]


>> Hi Ed,


>> you are perfectly right. Linked Data is not the only thing (just
the one

>> that excites me most). It is only one of the protocols to be supported

>> by the Agencies. Feed syndication is complementary, and not less


>> We should select a few recommended protocolls and clarify which
of them

>> serves what use case best.

>> I think Linked Data is about making data accessible, and Feed

>> Syndication is about spreading news (which might link to some

>> data).


>> We had a similar discussion earlier, including Web Services, Web

>> (HTML) and PDF publishing etc etc.

>> In my personal opinion: Linked Data is going to outdate Web Services,

>> but we shouldn't focus too much on media types. Most important
is we

>> have human/machine readable interfaces ("content negotiation").

>> Even publishing CSV data along with a feed or a HTML page would

>> the minimum requirements.


>> However, I feel that this group needs a really focussed charter

>> Over the last year we had a rather diffused focus and consequently

>> diffused results.


>> Best regards,

>> Thomas




>> Am 23.11.2010 18:32, schrieb Ed Summers:

>>> I am interested in continuing participation in this group.
I think

>>> having a w3c group that's focused on the use of web technologies

>>> government is incredibly important.


>>> However, I am not interested in the group focusing exclusively

>>> Linked Data (aka RDF, SPARQL). I think we need to look at
the role of

>>> egov in the web ecosystem in a holistic and pragmatic way.

>>> example, I am interested in promoting the the thoughtful use
of feed

>>> syndication in egov. This seems to fall outside the scope
of what

>>> people typically mean when they say Linked Data. Yet I think

>>> syndication is incredibly important when it comes to timely

>>> distribution of egov information.


>>> I'm also interested in getting government institutions to

>>> putting their "hugged" databases online, with thoughtful
use of URLs,

>>> with machine (as well as human) readable data at those URLs,
so that

>>> we can start to get more "registries" online. Once
people have made

>>> the leap to putting their data online, with persistent cool
URLs, then

>>> we can start talking RDF, etc.


>>> Perhaps I'm jumping to conclusions that there would ever be
such a

>>> focus exclusively on Linked Data. I thought I heard rumblings

>>> rechartering with a focus on Linked Data, and I would like
to go on

>>> record as opposing that sort of move -- if it were to be proposed


>>> //Ed




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