Perhaps if it didnt make this weeks agenda we can have a short discussion of my project for public meeting notice and agendas at the next meeting or at a special time.


On 5/12/2010 6:04 AM, Jose Manuel Alonso wrote:
Hi all,

Sorry for the late agenda.

We won't host a seminar-style call today. Instead of that and given the lively on-list discussion about the future of the group and the usefulness of SemWeb technologies for eGov, meeting will be focus on both topics. I know you all will come with an open mind and will be constructive. Bear in mind that I want to discuss the topic of willingness vs. reality check (e.g. why so many people said they would work on a given item and they didn't or why dcat work is a sucess so far).

Agenda, eGov IG Call, 12 May 2010
13:00Z (9:00EST, 14:00GMT, 15:00CET)

Chair: Jose
Scribe: ?

1. Scribe
+ need a volunteer, please!

2. Agenda adjustments and next meetings
+ next meetings: 26 May 2010, 9 Jun 2010
+ next scribe
+ next topics for seminar-style

3. What's our goal as group and how should we achieve it?
+ please, review:

4. SemWeb & eGov: past, present, flashforwards
+ those who have them, bring your real-world examples
+ skepticism is also welcome

5. What's going on / coming up

Telcon instructions:

disclaimer: I'm not a FlashForward (the TV series) fan but thought it was a funny analogy...