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RE: data.gov.uk coverage on BBC

From: Hugh Barnes <Hugh.Barnes@nehta.gov.au>
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2010 10:02:00 +1100
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> I'd love to hear more about the internals of what's going on 
> if John has the time. I'm particularly interested in the 
> roles that Talis and the OKFN are playing in providing the services.

A little more background, and certainly some excellent information for the projects, is provided by Jeni Tennison: http://www.jenitennison.com/blog/node/140 (as an XSLT coder, she's one of my solution saviours - it's very exciting to see her involved in eGov as well). It's also well worth checking out her preceding "Creating Linked Data" series posts if you haven't seen them.

Favourite quotes are:

* "[...] the website itself, which (unlike a lot of UK government IT) was developed rapidly by a small team based on open source software (and at low cost)."
* "RDF has this balance between allowing individuals and organisations complete freedom in how they describe their information and the opportunity to share and reuse parts of vocabularies in a mix-and-match way. This is so important in a government context because (with all due respect to civil servants) we really want to avoid a situation where we have to get lots of civil servants from multiple agencies into the same room to come up with the single government-approved way of describing a school. We can all imagine how long that would take." - proactive roadblock avoidance, I like it.


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