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Re: Ed and Outreadch Opportunity

From: Sergio Quiroz <sergio@quiroz-arteaga.com>
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2010 14:13:44 -0500
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To: Joe Carmel <joe.carmel@comcast.net>
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¿How about to use XBRL for district financial data? Its an open standard
within financial and business domain. The school district can create its own
schema (an XBRL Taxonomy) and publish it, then each school will report their
financial data according to this taxonomy.

You can check out how US SEC is working with XBRL in:

Then you have a reusable format which you can transform to any type of
format (PDF, XLS, HTML, etc.).


Sergio Quiroz

Joe Carmel escribió:


One option to consider might be XForms (and XSLTForms in particular).
Although I’m not familiar with the school district financial data, it seems
like publishing an XForm on a central website and mandating that school
districts fill it out would be easy to create, maintain, and implement.  The
output files could then be posted centrally and/or locally.

I’m working with Owen Ambur and several others on something like this for
StratML.  Check out http://www.xmldatasets.net/XF2/stratmlxform3.xml.   It’s
still being developed but it might serve as an example.  The idea is to
provide a way to create, import, update, display, and finally catalog
StratML fles across the web.

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