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Request for advice/comments/ideas

From: Chris Beer <chris-beer@grapevine.net.au>
Date: Thu, 04 Feb 2010 23:56:07 +1100
Message-ID: <4B6AC3E7.9070306@grapevine.net.au>
To: W3C e-Gov IG <public-egov-ig@w3.org>
Hey all

Ok - so without going into to much detail (because I can't - 
confidentiality etc), I am working on an ambitious little project (for 
where I am atleast, in terms of culture and policy change). I am hoping 
to canvas the group for any advice, comments or ideas on it. Basically - 
what do you think, how could it be better (without huge alteration - the 
specs are locked to major change - I have to work with what I've got to 
work with, full stop, but approaches, enhancements etc would be 
appreciated) etc. Please reply direct to me. Oh - and one other caveat - 
keep comments simple :) We actually have an internal policy that 
dictates that we write our proposals for a 6th grade reading level... 
simple plain English. Management/executives are the audience ;P I'm 
happy to answer questions however I can, to the list or directly, to aid 
in getting feedback.

Online Publications Repository Project

The Department/Agency is developing a centralised publications 
repository that will house all publications and related resouces (eg: 
video, media releases, images, datasets in the future (but not now).

The repository will form part of the existing "corporate website". The 
current architecture is MOSS (Sharepoint) 2010. Currently content is 
spread across 10 "Streams", representing the major portfolio areas of 
the Department/Agency - we're talking over thousands of pages, and over 
10,000 publications. The new repository will house these publications 
centrally, as well as a further 30 to 40,000 publications being migrated 
in from legacy sites.

The architecture for the repository will be a customised Sharepoint 
document library (SQL backend) with added fields etc for RDA and DC 
based metadata (AGLS for those who know about it). A "Cool URI" system 
will be used. Cover sheets and versioning will be used. A Persistant URL 
resolver service (Handle) will be used, either in-house or via a third 
party, also in the gov domain - this will assist in archival management 
and citation. Web crawling will be the primary third party method of 
indexing our content, but we will also be supporting RSS feeds (looking 
into Atom atm as well) and Web Services. Public interface will be a 
search form which searches on the metadata fields, not the Sharepoint 



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