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eGov Introduction: Elaine Wood from NREL

From: Wood, Elaine <Elaine.Wood@nrel.gov>
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2009 08:18:35 -0600
To: eGovIG <public-egov-ig@w3.org>
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eGov Colleagues,

Based on Kevin's prompting, I decided to introduce myself and err on the side of more disclosure than less.

I recently joined the eGov distribution list because I am part of a project, openVIBE, sponsored by the Department of Energy and the National Renewable Energy Lab with a primary objective of advancing the Open Government Directive. Our goal is to organize the world's energy information to advance the adoption of renewable energy, fuel innovation and better inform energy decisions of policy makers, researchers, investors and consumers.

To meet that goal, we are creating an open community which will assemble, organize, and freely distribute information about clean energy.  We are making as much of this  information as possible available as Linked Open Data (LOD).

We are concentrating on creating the core platform with a wiki front-end. We are still very much in pre-Beta testing, however, if you would like to have an early peek at the work we have done, you can view it at http://openvibe.org.  Feel free to create a login and use the site and provide feedback to us.

We intend to create topic-oriented gateways to help assemble and make relevant information available to specific audiences. The most complete gateway of information we've done so far is for the Clean Energy Economy trying to connect information and statistics around companies, networking organizations, R&D institutions, investor/financial organizations and policies. If you are interested, you can access that gateway directly at  http://openvibe.org/cee.

We are in the process off seeding the open data platform with unique, valuable data to stimulate integrated analysis and fuel innovation. We intend it to be expanded as a community input model allowing extensive collaboration.. We envision this open data platform to be an org which has many sponsors including government agencies and labs, research organizations, universities, industry and companies.

In addition, our NREL team has created a Virtual Information Bridge to Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (VIBE) Portal to provide access to analytical tools and information from the open data platform and other sources. That portal can be viewed at http://vibe.nrel.gov. Again, feel free to create a login and use the site and provide feedback to us.

I look forward to working with all of you as well all seem to have the same goals in mind. Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Elaine Wood
Senior Project Leader, Strategic Planning
National Renewable Energy Lab

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Subject: Welcome to Our Many New Subscribers


We have had a significant amount of new subscribers join the egov list over the past week (over a few dozen new subscribers).

I want to welcome all our new subscribers to the group. We look forward to your energy, participation, ideas, and feedback as we continue with our efforts and move forward with the exciting work under consideration for year 2 starting in October.

We will have many new opportunities for participants to engage in the work of the group. Stay tuned!!

Don't wait to engage, feel free to send an email to the group introducing yourself, an email to the group providing your thoughts on the work or egov efforts, or an email asking questions that you may have.

This is a terrific and energizing group of individuals dedicating to helping governments achieve the promises of electronic government. I feel privileged to be part of the group and associated with such great people. I hope you will feel the same.

Again, welcome aboard and excited to have you!!!!


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