Hi Søren,

really good work! Amazing!
There is only one aspect which does not make me so happy:
there is too much "copy" and replication.
Ideally: leave everything where it comes from and link to that place.
The CR should not be seen as a copy, but as a detailed index.
JRC and EEA need not to synchronise GEMET, they can just link between JRC Themes and EEA Concepts.
I think you considered such issues, and you found lots of obstacles.
Would be good to make these explicit, so people can identify and overcome them.

I also posted your plans to http://www.w3.org/2007/eGov/ in order to get some more consultation and give you any kind of possible support.

One little detail i stumbled over:
page 12 "Report A is derived from obligation B" shouldn't this be "Report C is derived from obligation B"?

Kind regards,

Søren Roug schrieb:
I thought you might be interested in reading what plans we have for the semantic web at EEA.

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Here is a version of the plans for Reportnet that is sufficiently polished to be distributable to a broader audience.

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