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eGovernment measurements, a network and a research project

From: Mikael Snaprud <mikael.snaprud@tingtun.no>
Date: Wed, 04 Nov 2009 15:21:24 +0100
Message-ID: <4AF18DE4.6080401@tingtun.no>
To: public-egov-ig@w3.org
Hei all,

I recently joined this list and have two links that may be of interest.

A thematic network on eGovernment measurements, in particular user satisfaction and impact:
The project is supported by the European Commission.
The next meeting in this network is to be held in Ghent, Belgium 30.November - 1. December, more in 
the most recent community newsletter included below.

A user driven research project to develop open source software solutions to measure aspects of 
accessibility and transparency, supported by the Research Council of Norway:



     *eGovMoNet Newsletter
     [eGovernment Monitor Network]*


*Dear members of the ePractice eGovMoNet Community,

The objectives of the eGovernment Monitor Network (eGovMoNet) at
ePractice portal is to raise the awareness and to promote the sharing of
knowledge, experiences and best practices, stimulating the uptake of
eGovernment impact and user satisfaction.
Your contributions are welcome, please contact us to announce your
events, projects or disseminate interesting ! contents for the community.

Best regards,


         /*BE: 4th eGovMoNet meeting on innovative measurements*/

The 4th eGovMoNet meeting is scheduled for 30.November-1.December, 2009,
and will be held in Ghent near Brussels. This meeting will focus on
innovative approaches for eGovernment measurements.

Participation in the meeting will be free of charge a! nd registration
is available on the ePractice portal at:

For this event, eGovMoNet is joining forces with the Benchlearning
community. The eGovMoNet meeting will in the same location be followed
by the Final Conference of the Benchlearning Study on the measurement of
eGovernment impact for public services. You are cordially invited to
both events.

         /*BE: Final Conference of the Benchlearning Study on the
         measurement of eGovernment impact for public services*/

In this final conference, main results of the eGovernment impact
measurement framework will be presented, together with final
recommendations on future actions for the eGovernment impact measurement
and for the Benchlearning in EU27.

Participation in the meeting will be free of charge and registration is
available on the ePractice portal at:

         /*BE: eGovMoNet 5th meeting, 2^nd half of March 2010, Brussels */

Planned to be held as a conference at the Committee of the Regions in
Brussels to extend the impact of the Network results, and to focus on
the local aspects of eGovernment measurements. A preliminary agreement
with the venue organis! ers to host the event in the latter half of
March has been achieved. The exact dates will be announced as soon asthe
venue plan for next year is established by the Committee of the Regions.

         /*SE: 5th Ministerial eGovernment Conference*/

The 5th Ministerial eGovernment Meeting and Conference will be one of
the major events of the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the
European Union. It will include a Ministerial Meeting of ministers
responsible for eGovernment, a Ministerial eGovernment Conference and an
exhibition of eGovernment Awards finalists. Several eGovMoNet partners
will be present. More information about the ev! ent at:


         /*OECD: Rethinking e-Government Services: User-centred Approaches*/

The report gives a broad description of the shift in governments' focus
on e-government development –from a government-centric to a user-centric
approach. It gives a comprehensive overview of challenges to user
take-up of e-government services in OECD countries and of the diff!
erent types of approaches to improving it. The monitoring and evaluation
of user take-up are also discussed, including the existence of formal
measurement frameworks. Good practices are presented to illustrate the
different concrete approaches used by OECD countries.

         /*Government at Glance*/

A* *new and very interesting survey from OECD has recently been launched
called “Government at Glance."
survey focuses on public administration and is intended to be a
bi-annual survey of the OECD members.

         /*User statics of ePractice*/

The number of members at the eGovMonet community in ePractice.eu exceeds
the number of project partners by far. The eGovMoNet community now has
more than 275 members from all across Europe.

/Please feel free to forward the eGovMoNet Newsletter to whom it may be
of use. You are welcome to send suggestions to egovmonet@epractice.eu

/eGovMoNet is a thematic network partly funded by the European
Commission. The views expressed may not in any circumstances be regarded
as stating an official position of! the European Commission or
eGovMoNet. Neither the European Commission, nor eGovMoNet, nor any
person acting on their behalf is responsible for the use that might be
made of the information provided./

*//© European Communities, 2009. Reproduction is authorised, except for
commercial purposes, provided the source is acknowledged.//*

Mikael Snaprud
Co-ordinator of eGovMon and eGovMoNet
Tingtun AS
+47 91 862 892
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