Jose, is someone from W3C in touch with the AIC data architecture leadership? Greg Elin, of Sunlight, and I have a very nice call with the AIC data architecture leadership last week and they are receptive to hearing about the impact of the Internet on data architecture. Remember, there's an open submission to modify the DRM to include URIs. If no one from W3C has been in touch, I suggest you identify an advocate to support this submission.

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Date: 03/03/2009 11:53AM
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Jonathan Gray wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 5:23 PM, Jose M. Alonso <> wrote:
>> I originally drafted the Open Government Data section a while ago and got
>> very few comments about it, so I assume people is happy with the content so
>> far. I also asked about the outline of that sections and if was good enough
>> or not and people agreed on being good and serve as basis for other
>> sections.
> I wonder whether it could be appropriate to allude to the Open
> Knowledge Definition in this section?
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Sorry for coming in late to this discussion. (Sadly I haven't had a
chance to pay much attention here though I've wanted to.)

I've posted my slides from my "Open Government Data Standards and
Expectations" session at Transparency Camp this past weekend here:
It summarizes many open gov data recommendations that are out there
(including the OKD).

Also I notice that the notion of "bulk data downloads" is missing, which
many find preferable to pushing APIs.

I often talk of open govt data in terms of the ability to "search, sort,
and transform" (e.g. into visualizations, feeds, and summaries) and that
the uses go beyond the "mandate, resources, and vision" of government
agencies (phrases I probably stole from legislative language and other

Hope that's helpful.