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Many thanks to Tim. Having this Design Issues note available to point folks at will be very valuable.

While working on I had about a month to study Linked Open Data issues quite closely. Here's a post I've had in the queue for a while that I just published. I'm happy to share these insights and welcome your feedback.

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Group, I forgot to add... from the acknowledgments section:

"...Thanks also to the chairs (John Sheridan and Kevin Novak) and  
members of the W3C eGov interest group..."


-- Jose

El 24/06/2009, a las 14:00, Jose M. Alonso escribió:
> All,
> Tim Berners-Lee just made public a new document in his "Design  
> Issues" series called "Putting Government Data online"
> This is _very_ related to our Open Government Data discussions and  
> you'll find there some similarities to the draft* memo  
> we've been discussing recently.
> Best,
> Jose.
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