Hi, all,

Adam and I have been working on the data.gov memo and have an "Editors' Version" posted as a Google Doc. Adam will be circulating some potential graphics.


I will work with Jose to use the tracker for comments to the memo and graphics.


Jose M. Alonso wrote:
Hi all,

Sorry for lateness. Just back from holidays and still going through a pile of email.

Although Daniel volunteered as scribe last time, I expect him and Adam to take the lead for most of the call, so I'd appreciate someone else to volunteer as scribe.

Agenda, eGov IG Call, 19 August 2009
13:00Z (9:00EST, 14:00GMT, 15:00CET)
Scribe: Daniel
Regrets: Kevin
Chair: John

1. Agenda adjustments and next meetings [5min]
 + next meetings?
 + next scribe?
2. Data.gov.* memo [60min]
3. Charter and Plan [5min]
4. What's going on [10min]

How to participate:
Who can participate: