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Re: Introduction and good news, hopefully

From: Novak, Kevin <KevinNovak@aia.org>
Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2009 20:14:53 -0400
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That is wonderful news on all fronts and thank you for your efforts and championing the group's work. 

I am looking forward to seeing the pilot projects move forward and wish you great success. We are here to help. 




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Subject: Introduction and good news, hopefully 

Hello all,

my name is Vagner Diniz. I am the head of W3C Brazil Office. I have worked with e-government for long time before my assignment to W3C in Brazil. I have been following all IG e-mail exchange and I wish to congratulate all of you for the great job you have been doing. Eventhough I could not participate during the last semester due to Office projects time consuming and due to our fully support to a large Brazilian e-gov Conference, I have good news regarding to IG deliverables:

1) we have just translated and printed a Portuguese version of the document "“Improving access to government through better use of the Web”. It is also available in PDF file at: http://www.w3c.br/divulgacao/pdf/gov-web.pdf, with all due credit at pages 2 and 7. Over 500 issues was distributed during the last e-Gov Conference.

2) as a result of this document and the talks spreading the open data message we are negotiating to start two pilot projects on open government data. The most promised one is with the State of Sao Paulo Agency of Data Analisys which collects data and produces stats for the State since the end of 19th century. They want to start by using CSV files and moving on slowly to use XML, RDF and linked data in the future. I am sure I will need all kind of support from you.

I hope I will be able to join to some of next conference calls. As from tomorrow already. I will join a bit late. I hope to learn a lot from you. Eventhough we have not that much to contribute in the discussions, especially because of the language, I hope our project can bring some insights in the future.

Congratulations again. 


Vagner Diniz
W3C Brazil Office
a CGI.br/NIC.br initiative

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