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RE: [Fwd: EU R&D in ICT consultation, EU governments contribute 'small part', Europe nearly absent in Internet industry.]

From: Owen Ambur <Owen.Ambur@verizon.net>
Date: Sat, 15 Aug 2009 15:55:20 -0400
To: "'Sergio Quiroz'" <sergio@quiroz-arteaga.com>
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Sergio, from my perspective, it would be good if the goals, objectives, and
stakeholders identified in documents like these were rendered as strategic
and performance plans against which progress could be measured and reported
on the Web.  


If time were to permit, I'd like to review the documents at
.htm to see if any of them contain the makings of such a plan, in which case
I'd like to convert any such plan to StratML format for inclusion in our
collection at http://xml.gov/stratml/index.htm#InternationalGov  


However, in light of other demands upon my time, it seems doubtful that I'll
be able to do so anytime soon.


Owen Ambur

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Subject: [Fwd: EU R&D in ICT consultation, EU governments contribute 'small
part', Europe nearly absent in Internet industry.]



It might be of your interest. 

Regards. /SQ


Dear All, 

That may be of interest to you that yesterday the European Commission issued
the Europe's Digital Competitiveness Report.

In this paper the Commission indicates that: 

*	Europe is at risk of losing its competitive edge when it comes to
new innovative developments.
*	World economic crisis is already impacting on R&D. Reduced cash
flows and credit constraints (including a reduction in venture capital) are
making R&D investment pro-cyclical.
*	The Commission is about to launch a public online consultation on
unleashing ICT as a driver of economic recovery and as a lead contributor to
the Lisbon growth and jobs agenda. This is crucial in the current economic
and financial crisis.
*	The Commission calls on the Member States and on stakeholders to
actively cooperate in the months ahead until early 2010 to draft a new
digital agenda so that Europe can emerge from the current crisis with a
stronger, more competitive and more open digital economy, driving European
growth and innovation.
*	The Commission has proposed to pursue the proposal for a new
programme aimed to promote Interoperability Solutions for public
Administrations (European Interoperability Framework) 
*	EU's position as a key player in the international ICT arena depends
on international openness and cooperation, an internet free of restrictions
on traffic, sites, platforms. It also depends on our ability to handle
global challenges, such as international governance.
*	Given the crucial contribution of innovation by the ICT sector to
productivity growth, long-term strategic choices by governments in this area
are of fundamental importance. EU governments however account for only a
relatively small part of ICT R&D.
*	In the European Union R&D in ICT is highly fragmented. This market
fragmentation contrasts with the fact that R&D in ICT is highly
*	The old Member States accounts for 98% of the total Germany (26.2%),
France (17.3%) and the UK (12.8%). New Member States are catching up
*	In the Nordic countries (Finland, Sweden and Denmark) the
contribution of the ICT sector to the overall R&D intensity is the highest.
*	The EU's main competitors (i.e. USA, Japan and Korea) are investing
significantly more in ICT R&D (relative to GDP) than the EU. Europe is
nearly absent in the Internet industry. The gap is primarily due to the
smaller size of the EU ICT business sector relative to the US.

More details in: 
and Benchmarking Report: 

I hope all this is not an obstacle in enjoying the beach or pool. 

Best regards from Brussels, 

Piotr Madziar 
Adviser - Financial integration and governance of accounting standards 
DG Internal Market & Services 
European Commission 
SPA2 04/103, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium 

E-mail: piotr.madziar@ec.europa.eu 
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The views expressed are purely those of the writer and may not in any
circumstances be regarded as stating an official position of the European

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