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FW: [RMS-CoP] Records Management Services has become an Official OMG Standard.

From: Owen Ambur <owen@ambur.net>
Date: Wed, 5 Aug 2009 16:09:23 -0400
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It is good to see that OMG's Records Management Services standard references
XML, XSD, and the ET.gov process.


Please note that anyone may submit issues relative to implementation of the


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A brief Erratum: http://gov.omg.org/issues is not a valid URL... the one
before and the one following it are the ones to use.






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Subject: [RMS-CoP] Records Management Services has become an Official




I'm extremely pleased to announce that the Object Management Group's Board
of Directors (BoD) voted to make Records Management Services an official
Alpha standard. The BoD is the last step in the process which is to verify
to the satisfaction of the Board that product is being developed based on
the standard. (This is done through Business Questionnaires sent to the
submitters of the specification. It enforces the OMG's "no shelfware" rule).


The Alpha standard can be found at


The Beta 1 standard will be coming soon. The Beta 1 standard is
substantively the same as the Alpha standard, but has the submission boiler
plate removed. Oh! ... and the Beta 1 large textual document will have page
numbers!... which the submission editor stupidly left out of the Alpha
version. (moi) :-/


An RMS Finalization Task Force has been formed. Its mission is to resolve
issues submitted to the OMG against the specification discovered during
implementation. Issue resolution can be fixes to the standard or simply
clarifications. At the conclusion of the RMS-FTF's work, the RMS
specification will be raised to Formal Version 1.0 status (there may be
interim Beta releases).


You don't have to be an OMG member to submit an issue. Send an eMail to
mailto:issues@omg.org?Subject=RMS%20FTF. It helps the process if you only
include one issue per eMail. http://gov.omg.org/issues. Issues can also be
registered through an eMail form found at


We are planning some immediate follow-on work to the RMS Standard which I'll
convey in another message shortly.





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