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Re: more examples for Participation and Engagement

From: Novak, Kevin <KevinNovak@aia.org>
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 08:20:06 -0400
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To: <clift@e-democracy.org>, <public-egov-ig@w3.org>

Great to virtually meet you and hello as well. 

Thanks for the great list and information. 

As Jose has mentioned we are looking for group members to revised or add sections to the document. Looking forward to your additions if you have time otherwise we can review and incorporate your examples where appropriate. 

An area I would like to have added is erulemaking. It was a request of the current US administration as they prepare their openness and transparency strategy. 

Are you located in DC?


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I thought this might be a good time to say hello. Hello.

I've been active with the use of the Internet for participation and
engagement for about 15 years and have a mother lode of examples, case
studies, etc. that can be mined by your efforts.

I am currently over the top busy "doing" online engagement through
E-Democracy.Org, but for now a few useful starting points:

http://publicus.net/articles.html - "Sidewalks" and "Join the
Evolution" are current. My report to the UN is older, but
http://blog.e-democracy.org/posts/256 - Recent E-Transparency slides,
more speeches: http://publicus.net/speaker.html

http://dowire.org/wiki/UK_highlights - Case studies and "briefs"
commissioned by UK Local E-Democracy National Project
http://groups.dowire.org/groups/newswire - My Democracies Online
Newswire (started in 98)
http://groups.dowire.org - Various e-democracy/e-participation related
groups - Consult@ and Research@ may be of most interest, the "online
news" peer group I now host is quiet active but likely out of scope
for your effort
http://delicious.com/dowire/e-democracy - 280 things I've tagged "e-democracy"
http://e-democracy.org/if - E-Democracy's successful local "online
townhall model" being used in 15 communities across three countries

Steven Clift
Executive Director, E-Democracy.Org

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