Regrets for today's telecon.

I would like to be involved with the Transparency and Participation Task Force though. As a (hopefully) elected official, and appointed member of several citizen boards, I think this is where I can contribute the most. Let me know about next steps. Thanks.

Timothy E. McMahon
Creative Director
Eleven Limited, LLC

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Subject: Group Outline and Activity Plan up for discussion
From: "Jose M. Alonso" <>
Date: Wed, September 03, 2008 8:30 am

Hi Group,

Yes, your Chairs worked this summer! (but we had some holidays, too)

I've just uploaded two new documents for discussion to the Wiki:
* Group Outline

Shows what it could be an index of the work to be done
and maybe even the documents to produce

* Activity Plan

Exactly what it seems to be. Very rough draft started
by Kevin. I'm closing ACTION-4.

Credit where credit is due: Group Outline was created with some input
from John Sheridan, more input from Oscar, Kevin and me, and reviewed
by Kevin and me. Thanks much to those who helped.

I'm sorry it took us more than expected to get this out to you but I
hope it'll help us to start discussions and move things forward as we
need to do asap. We also need to talk about who will do what. So you
should think (the sooner, the better) with which task and in which TF
you'd like to participate.

Let the discussion start!


Jose M. Alonso <> W3C/CTIC
eGovernment Lead