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eDemocracy, eRecords, & XSDs

From: Owen Ambur <Owen.Ambur@verizon.net>
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2008 16:26:10 -0500
To: "'eGov IG'" <public-egov-ig@w3.org>
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Tanya wrote:

"... in most of the world, you ... need to pay attention to how technology
can help democracy, democratic processes and institutions, fundamental human
rights, the rule of law and independence of the judiciary, effective, just
and honest government, openness, participation/ inclusiveness,
accountability, and effectiveness ..."

Kevin responded:

"I couldn't agree more. I do think that although there are good examples in
the US, there are indeed still challenges even here that need to be
addressed, including a revised definition and focus on egov."

In my view, one of the most useful things the eGov IG might do is begin to
specify the types of records that government agencies should make available
to their citizens on the Internet in readily shareable (XML) format.  It
seems to me that strategic plans should be near the top of the list of
priorities, along with laws, regulations, and E-forms required in order to
file required reports and apply for permits and assistance. 

It would be good if the W3C, together with OASIS and other voluntary
standards development organizations (SDOs), could work with government
agencies in a semi-well coordinated fashion to specify XML schemas (XSDs)
for each of the types of records on such a list of priorities.  To
facilitate such a joint, worldwide initiative, it would be good to compile a
strategic plan against whose goals and objectives progress can be measured
and reported on the Web.

As such XSDs are specified, it would be good to measure and report on the
Web the degrees to which government agencies worldwide are beginning to
share records that conform to them, so that .org and .com intermediaries can
leverage and add value to them for myriad stakeholders and communities of

Owen Ambur
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