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Re: today's call canceled, 3 September next?

From: Jose M. Alonso <josema@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2008 10:54:17 +0200
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To: Owen Ambur <Owen.Ambur@verizon.net>

Hi Owen,

El 06/08/2008, a las 15:27, Owen Ambur escribió:
> I'm glad to hear that you're back and fired up and ready to go,  
> Jose.  I
> hate to wait another month to have another eGov IG telecon, but if  
> we can
> use the listserv and wiki to get some activities underway, that  
> would be
> fine with me.

August is usually a very quite month anyway.

>  The means that we use to do our work are not so important as
> the results we produce.  In that regard, meetings/telecons are  
> usually more
> conducive to motivating folks to do some work than they are to  
> actually
> performing the work itself.  So I hope folks don't take the lack of a
> telecon as an excuse either: a) not to commit to doing anything for  
> another
> month, or b) wait until just before the next telecon to do that to  
> which
> they may have volunteered to commit their effort.

Me, too, but I can understand. I know that many are on vacation.
Kevin and I have been thinking about the Group's work and will send  
some more info soon.
Of course, the communication channels are wide open to everybody, but  
maybe a push from the Chairs could help move thinks forward. Just give  
us a couple days more.

> BTW, there are now about 320 plans in the StratML collection:
> http://xml.gov/stratml/index.htm#WorkResults  One of the tasks I  
> would like
> to perform for the eGov IG is to further flesh out its strategic  
> plan --
> http://xml.gov/stratml/WEIG.xml -- into a performance plan.  Since  
> AIIM's
> StratML Committee has not yet specified the extensions to the  
> StratML core
> schema covering the elements of performance plans, I won't be able to
> compile a full-blown performance plan for the IG.  However, the  
> minimum
> requirement for a strategic plan to become a performance plan is to
> designate for each performance objective a <Stakeholder> of the
> leader/manager performer type.  That I can do with the existing  
> schema and
> supporting eForms tools.  All that I need is:
> a) the names and brief descriptions of any, more explicit performance
> objectives than those already expressed in the eGov IG's charter, and
> b) the names of the folks who have volunteered to take the lead in the
> performance of the necessary tasks to accomplish those objectives.
> It would also be helpful to have a brief description of *how* they  
> intend to
> conduct each task, but that is not essential since the results will  
> speak
> for themselves.

These are all good questions but it's early to have the answers. I  
encourage the Task Force coordinators to speak up.

AFAIR, we already mentioned to Group participants they should talk to  
TF coordinators to make them aware of which TF they'll participate in,  
but I'm not aware of any responses to that call yet; eg. I only see  
updates from very few people to the wiki.

Let's try to revisit this at the next call. I've just added it as a  
topic to the agenda.


> Owen
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> Subject: today's call canceled, 3 September next?
> Dear all,
> Just back from vacation. I don't see much activity in the list, and
> Kevin and I had to deal with some personal matters and couldn't get an
> agenda to you on time. I'm sorry about the late message.
> I prefer to cancel this call instead of having it without enough
> preparation. Next one would be 20 August, but I guess many will be on
> vacation, so we should probably skip that one, too.
> Unless someone feels strongly against it, I propose to resume calls on
> 3 September and I encourage those around until then to use the mailing
> list and wiki in the meantime. I hope we'll be able to provide an
> interesting agenda for you for that one and suggestions are always
> welcome. Don't wait for us to do it, just tell us!
> In any case, I'm now full of energy. Be aware! ;)
> Jose.
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