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RE: Conneg definition was: Re: Start of profiles analysis page - 2nd reply

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Annette, Karen,

I would suggest we do not get into discussions about discouraging use of Word or PDF files as an unqualified objective. The use of those formats can serve very valid goals, for example for human-readable documents. Forgetting about information for humans would be a big mistake in my mind. 

Of course, I agree that PDF is not good for machine-readable material, and there we need to look at what formats are useful.

As an example, the European DCAT-AP is published in Word, PDF, RDF and (partly) SHACL, with the data model in BMP and EAP. In the future, also ODT, JSON and SVG may be provided for the profile.


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As I understand it, one of the main reasons that the "Guidance"
deliverable was included in the charter was exactly because the use of PDF files for profiles was considered a poor practice. However, it wasn't clear what the alternative would be, and thus the Guidance deliverable was included to respond to that. Although it doesn't say this directly, machine readability/parsability is a desirable goal.


On 12/12/17 5:23 PM, Annette Greiner wrote:
> On a separate note, I really want to discourage use of Word or PDF 
> files. One needn't be a coder to avail oneself of a simple text editor.
> Machine readability deserves at least some consideration, and by 
> machine readability I don't mean just being viewable with a computer, 
> I mean being readily parseable.
> On 12/12/17 2:02 PM, Rob Atkinson wrote:
>> This may sound like a burden, but its quite a trivial burden on 
>> infrastructure compared to the burden on end users trying to work out 
>> what is the same and different in a forest of PDF documents of 
>> overlapping profiles descriptions. (whilst we want to make 
>> publication easy, make end use impossible is a poor compromise)

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