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Re: Data reuse split into 3 - review

From: Laufer <laufer@globo.com>
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2016 15:40:03 -0300
To: Annette Greiner <amgreiner@lbl.gov>
Cc: public-dwbp-wg@w3.org
Message-ID: <f7747aa34debf22f711fa9294d09174b@globo.com>

If we inspect the list of use cases collected to build our BPs, in
practical terms no one addresses the reuse of datasets. In general, when
reuse appeared in an use case, it is as a goal of the use case and not
an instance of reuse. 

To have the real dimension of the issues related to what it is the
problem of reuse we need to start all the process, beginning to collect
an expressive set of use cases that effectively reuse data and raise
issues related to that. 


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Em 31/03/2016 14:49, Annette Greiner escreveu: 

> This is a good thought exercise, to think through our BPs and ask ourselves if any of them implies something that would need to be done differently for a reuse than for an original publication. My feeling is that the three BPs we have in the reuse section are the only ones that call for doing something differently.
> -Annette
> On 3/31/16 10:40 AM, Laufer wrote: 
> Hi All, 
> Sorry about the long text. 
> I do not agree with this new section about Data Usage. 
> Summarizing: I think that the aspects of Data Usage that are mentioned in the new BPs are covered by the BPs in our list: "Provide data license information", "Gather feedback from data consumers" and "Provide information about feedback". 
> My main thought is that the object that is the base of our set of BPs is a dataset that is being published, and not the "next" dataset that could be using the original dataset. For me, the "next" dataset has to follow our original set of BPs. 
> When we talk about Data Usage in our set of BPs ("Gather feedback from data consumers" and "Provide information about feedback"), the central object that is being addressed is the original dataset and how more information could be added to help users to understand and use this dataset. 
> We are not addressing the "next" dataset (or datasets). Even a user that simply "uses" the dataset could also give feedback. These two BPs talk about how the Publisher of the original dataset should provide ways to gather and to aggregate this information to the dataset. In that sense, we already talk about DUV (that covers both the feedback and citation). 
> I think that the new section put the focus on the "next" dataset. In our first BP "Provide data license information" we do not tell the Publisher how she will define the license of a dataset. It could cover a lot of things as, for example, Government Policies, Organization Policies, etc. And one of the things to be taken into account is the license of datasets that are being combined to generate the dataset to be published. If the editors and the members of the group feel that this is important to say, I think this should be said in the BP "Provide data license information". Not in a new one. 
> If we enter in the merit to explore how someone will use the dataset, and give advice on that, we will have to review all of our BPs. For example, the versioning aspect. How the "next" dataset will respect the versioning of the original datasets being used? The new Publishers will generate a new version each time the original ones generate new versions? Thinking about vocabularies: how the Publisher of the 'next" dataset will treat the use of different datasets that have different vocabularies to express similar (or identical) things? She will use a single one vocabulary? And so on. We probably will have issues for all BPs. 
> Best regards, Laufer 
> Em 28/03/2016 17:57, Newton Calegari escreveu: 
> Dear chairs,
> I'm sending this e-mail to let you know before the chair's meeting that we talked to Annette about Data Reuse section.
> We agreed to change the BP Reuse and split it into 3 new BPs approaching the subjects of Respect License, Citation and Giving Feedback.These 3 new BPs would fit in a new section Data Usage, which is listed as "Requirements for Data Usage" in the Use Cases Document[1 [1]].
> The changes we're gonna make are:
> * Split Reuse BP in 3: Respect License, Citation and Give Feedback;
> * Change Data Reuse to Data Usage section;
> * Mention in a paragraph that for reuse it is important to implement the 3 BPs in the section mentioned above.
> We expect to finish the changes and send to the group to review them by Wednesday afternoon.
> Best,
> BP Editors
> [1] https://www.w3.org/TR/dwbp-ucr/#h4_can-req-usage [1] 
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Annette Greiner
NERSC Data and Analytics Services
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


[1] https://www.w3.org/TR/dwbp-ucr/#h4_can-req-usage
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