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vocabulary versioning and preservation

From: Herbert Van de Sompel <hvdsomp@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2015 09:00:29 -0600
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Cc: Herbert Van de Sompel <hvdsomp@gmail.com>
Hi all,

I had the time to have a closer look at the "data on the Web Best
Practices" document. I have further Memento-related comments for two
other sections of the document:

(1) vocabulary versioning

The Memento-related comments I made about Data Versioning apply
equally to Vocabulary Versioning. All approaches described in
<http://mementoweb.org/guide/howto/> apply to data and vocabulary. As
a matter of fact, when implementing Memento protocol support for both
data and vocabularies used in data, temporal versions of the data can
automatically be aligned with the temporally correct version of the
used vocabulary.

(2) preservation

The Memento protocol can play a significant role in the realm of
access to preserved data, as is exemplified by its broad adoption by
web archives and the demonstration implementation of the DBpedia
archive. But it also plays a role in making preserved/captured
resources recognizable via the Memento-Datetime header (expresses
datetime of capture/preservation) and the HTTP Link header that
carries an "original" link that connects a preserved/captured resource
with the URI where it originally resided.


Herbert Van de Sompel

Herbert Van de Sompel
Digital Library Research & Prototyping
Los Alamos National Laboratory, Research Library

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